Ikat Fabric

A delightful fabric, ikat is a very popular one owing to the versatility of its usage. Whether it is for the purpose of a blouse, a top over the western wear, a dress or an ethnic kurta, ikat manoeuvres itself to suit all equally. It’s elegant to wear and easy to customize. This is an ethnic fabric for contemporary style. It is a centuries old traditional fabric with hand dyed technique using a resist dyeing and weaving method. Conventionally ikat fabrics are signs of class, status, wealth, power and prestige for those who used it in olden times. The reason is due to the time and complexity of skill immersed in it’s weaving, imparting it a cult status among fabrics. Ikat fabrics at Luxurion World are available in a myriad of colours and designs. From bright hues to dull earthy tones, they are all set to steal your heart. Practised on dupion silk fabric, raw silk and cotton, they are ideal to be sewn into any garment of your choice. Go ahead and shop; they are all yours.

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