Parsi Gara Saree

Parsi community, original inhabitants of Persia, who migrated to India long back are known for their rich cultural heritage. Their culture extends to not only celebrating their festivals but in taking pride of their rich art work. Parsi Gara work is a symbol of embroidered work at the helm of beauty of its kind. It is heirloom not just by way of words but in true spirit of the marvel it is. Parsi Gara is an intricate embroidered pattern and is famously known as ‘Painting in thread’. It is considered that buying a Gara is like purchasing a piece of jewellery – such is its value and worth. Its tasteful motifs, its jaal work, its border and pallu work are all a vision to behold. Authentic hand embroidered gara work is a dying art. This guides all the more reason for one to ‘invest’ in it. This is why Luxurion World brings you a mind-blowing collection of Parsi Gara sarees which are authentically sourced and very beautifully done. It’s rightly said that ‘The Parsi Gara’ in a nutshell, is three things. Indian embroidery with a Persian heritage and a Chinese origin.

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