Chikankari Dupatta

Chikankari is one such artwork that makes every wearer look elegant and graceful. The delicate embroidery with subtle thread work makes it perfect for the office and formal occasions. Introduced by Noor Jahan, the Mughal Queen, it makes the wearer indeed look like Royalty on a day off.  There is a Lucknowi dupatta for everyone thanks to the wide variety. Those who prefer to be subtle, dupattas work the best. The process of creating this renowned style begins with selecting the design to the final washing after embroidery. The weaver selects the fabric of the dupatta which is to be embroidered. This dupatta is then printed using the block printing technique. The weaver then uses the stitch that best suits the design to embroider the dupatta and embroiders the dupatta.  Since the embroidery is so delicate, it can take anywhere between a day or a few weeks for the artisans to complete one dupatta. The originality of Chikan work cannot be recreated using machinery. To make sure you buy only the most elegant of all Lucknowis, do check our site

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