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About Us

Business is often for a cause – mostly monetary benefit but sometimes also to make the world realize that you are somebody. Luxurion World is different in some ways as we believe to be somebody who strives to make everybody feel like somebody. Trendy traditional apparels with premium quality and a plethora of artwork define the essence of Luxurion World. Established in 2009, Luxurion World is a socio-economic online platform that caters to the handloom regalia pertaining to a variety of art forms such as Chikankari, Kanjeevaram, Paithani, Ikat, Kantha, Banarasi & many more. With our perseverance and determination to deliver the best support by the enormous love of all our customers, we succeeded in developing a happy client base of 20,000 across the world.

Our Artisans

When we speak of Luxurion World we speak of the backbone of the society – our very own artisans. On a handloom mela sojourn the founder had a talk with an artisan and was moved by the poor remuneration of his exquisite craft. Moved on witnessing the plight of a handloom weavers, creative but poorly remunerated, inspired the founders to create a platform that would not only showcase the exquisite art of India but also respect the craftsmanship of these artisans. In a bid to preserve the languishing arts and crafts of India which has been a pillar of strength & pride for our heritage, the conceptualisation of Luxurion World happened. Subsequently we have a team of more than 1000 artisans happy and contended.

Our commitment toward the Artisans

In today’s world, the fast fashion is so power loom that the buyers do not care for authenticity as it costs more. But Luxurion World believes in rising by uplifting others, the weavers, especially the women section who are multi-taskers, working almost fifteen to eighteen hours a day, juggling between domestic and weaving work and still struggling to make two ends meet. We help these artisans craft their dreams & encourage them to put their creativity into their products. Thus helps generate employment and self sufficiency especially among women as they are the backbone of our creative team. Empowering women across different segments of society and catering to handmade luxury market is our happy mantra. Chic, royal, aesthetic and authentic are the four pillars on which the brand stands. With our bespoke collection doing well to fulfil the customized requirements of our customers, we are broadening our vision and service to you.

As per the founder, the greatest good you can do for another is not just helping them monetarily but to help them earn their living with dignity & respect. At, luxurionworld, we remunerate the Artisans in a fair & proper way. After each purchase that you make from here, Luxurion World shares a considerable profit portion with the weavers as well.  It is respectfully making available what they truly deserve. It is the impact that matters, whether it is the impact that the products have on you or the impact that a little helping hand by us all can create in the lives of these talented artisans. The happiness we feel here after every purchase by you is overwhelming because this gives us another opportunity to help uplift the lives of those who need it most and deserve it most.


Our take on sustainability is clearly discernible right from the time of procurement of fibre to making fabrics and designing them into garments.

 Commitments towards society

We are trying to do a little extra for the society by working diligently with NASEOH. It is here we try to create and give opportunities to the mentally and physically challenged people according to their own skills. The smile on our face reciprocates when we see the confidence of these people shun by the society on being independent.  Our brand also works for other social responsibilities like NASEOH. For us, this online portal is as much for social causes as for commercial reasons.

Support the Artisans – support the cause

If you are a connoisseur of tasteful art & stylish traditional apparel, Luxurion World is your go-to-destination. Let your style be eternal even as fashion fades & renews.

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”