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Which colour of Patola Saree suits for wedding?


Gujarat in India is popularly known for its diverse tradition and culture, which has given birth to many art forms, fashionable clothes, and much more. One such fashionable cloth is the patola saree. 

Patola silk saree, which originated on the land of Gujarat, India, is known for its luxury and distinctive silk textile. A pure patola silk saree is more vibrant in color and has figure motifs of geometrical patters, intricate detailing, and much more. 

Here in this blog, we will talk about the pure patola saree in detail and will further discuss the Luxurion World. So, without much more delay, let’s just dive deeper into the world of patola print saree with Luxurion World now!

Different colors of Patola Sarees for your wedding

Red Patola Saree:
Red is the color of love and is most preferable during weddings. In Indian tradition and culture, the color red is considered more holy and significant than other colors; hence, wearing a red patola saree will reflect your tradition and culture too. 

Red Paithani Patola Silk Bird Design Saree

Green Patola Saree: The green patola saree has a special place in the list of different patola sarees. Green is a magical color that never fails to embrace feminine beauty. 

Handloom Patola Silk Saree


White Patola Saree: This white patola saree has intricate detailing, figures, and motifs of different geometrical patterns, claws, stripes, and much more that balance the overall look in a classy manner. 

White Patola Saree


Vibrant Multicolor Patola Silk Saree: Crafted with elegance and sophistication, the silk threads of this vibrant multicolor patola saree tell a different story every time, depicting our tradition. 

Vibrant Multicolor Handloom Patola Silk Saree


Blue Silk Patola Saree: Blue is the color of royalty, and the patola saree is the other name for elegance. Combining both together gives us an outfit that is both royal and elegant. 

Exquisite Blue Patan Patola Handloom Double Ikat Pure Silk Saree


About Luxurion World

Luxurion World is another name for fashion. In this modern world where it is difficult to find quality and fashion in the same outfit, the Luxurion World is popular for giving both features together at an affordable price. We have a skilled team of artisans that crafts the best patola silk sarees all over India, and that’s the reason why we are the top patola saree manufacturer all over India. 
We treat our customers as family and, hence, provide them with the best services. We know how important quality is, and hence we give the utmost priority to quality in each and every outfit, and that’s what sets us apart from the competition.

So, if you are someone who has been eyeing a banarasi patola saree for a long time but is doubtful of its quality, don’t worry; we are here for you. At Luxurion World, you can buy patola sarees online without any tension and get the best of all. So, what are you waiting for? Buy patola sarees online with Luxurion World now!


1.Is red the only color option for a Patola wedding saree?

No, you can choose from other colors too. As the trend keeps changing, you can choose a pink patola saree, a green patola saree, a white patola saree, and much more. 

2. How can I choose a Patola saree color that flatters my skin tone?

Know about your skin tone first, do deep research on what color suits you, and then opt for the color that would enhance your beauty more. 

3. What is the meaning behind different Patola saree colors for weddings?

There is no specific meaning associated with different colors; it is just to give them an attractive look. 

4. Is it okay to mix and match different colored Patola dupattas with the saree?

If it’s in color contrast, then it would be good to go. Try mixing and matching different colors so that you can be aware of what suits you most with your patola saree. 



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