Blue Block Printed Kalamkari Cotton Fabric

What is the speciality of Kalamkari Fabric?


India is a land of diverse art and culture; one such traditional art is Kalamkari art. If you look at the rich and diverse history of Kalamkari art, you’ll find that it is an art done on cotton textiles that is handmade and done with hand-painted blocks.  It is a traditional form of art in Andhra Pradesh that is done with tamarind pens and natural dyes.

 Green Kalamkari Hand Painted Pure Bangalore Silk Fabric

Here in this blog, we will learn deeply about hand painted kalamkari fabric and will conclude further by learning about Luxurion World, the top manufacturer of cotton kalamkari dress in India. So without further delay, let’s just get into the world of Kalamkari fabric online with Luxurion World now! 

Pastel Digital Printed Kalamkari Tussar Silk Floral Design Fabric

Kalamkari Print Fabric

Kalamkari is not a technique that originated in the 21st century, but it is centuries old and originated originally in the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions. Kalamkari fabric is a perfect example of keeping our tradition alive even in this rapid age of modernization. Kalamkari print fabric is dyed with natural colors. It has figures and motifs related to many traditional and cultural stories that make us aware of our glorious past. For example, the Kalamkari silk fabric has figures and motifs of peacocks, lotuses, divine figures, and others from great Indian mythology and history.


Pink Kalamkari Hand Painted Pure Bangalore Silk Fabric

Luxurion World: Buy Kalamkari Fabric Online

Luxurion World is an adobe of many rich traditional art forms like Kalamkari and Banarasi. Silk, and more. Talking about the most famous and royal kalamkari fabric, it’s not just a fabric; it’s more than that. It’s a reflection of our diversity in art and culture. It’s a reflection of our glorious past and what we are today. 

At Luxurion World, you’ll find a wide range of kalamkari fabric, including kalamkari cotton sarees, kalamkari cotton dresses,  multicolor digitally printed kalamkari tussar silk fabric, pink kalamkari hand-painted pure silk fabric, and more.


Yellow Pen Kalamkari Pure Silk Fabric

Luxurion World, being rich in quality, is trusted by its customers. With a level of expertise in fabrics, designing, sarees, and other things, we have curated amazing fabric and sarees that would leave you stunned like anything. Luxurion World is merely not a manufacturer of fashionable clothes; it’s connected to customers’ emotions, and that’s why our customers keep us returning again and again. So, what are you waiting for? Buy your Kalamkari fabric from Luxurion World now!

Green Kalamkari Hand Painted Bangalore Silk Fabric


1. What makes Kalamkari fabric unique?

Kalamkari fabric is unique because of its quality and hand-made printing with natural dyes.

2. Is Kalamkari fabric only made with natural dyes?

Yes, natural dyes are the main ingredient in making kalamkari fabric; that’s what makes it more popular and popular.

3. What are the different styles of Kalamkari art seen on the fabric?

It is dependent on the region where the kalamkari fabric printing is evolving, while you can see figures and motifs related to tradition, Indian mythology, and history.

4. What kinds of garments are typically made from Kalamkari fabric?

Sarees and suits are commonly made from kalamkari fabric.




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