Top 10 Banarasi Lehenga Choli Ideas For Wedding

Top 10 Banarasi Lehenga Choli Ideas For Wedding

In this modern world, a common trend of going back to tradition is originating, and to support this trend of going back to your roots, Luxurion World has curated a Banarasi choli lehenga collection for you.

Banarasi, a fabric originating from Banaras is an epitome of grace and royalty. With the aura that the Banarasi lehenga design carries, it can easily look at any other wedding lehenga by driving all the attention to it. Here, we will talk about 10 Banarasi lehenga choli ideas for weddings, that can make your wedding events memorable. So, without any further ado, let’s just move into the world of holy Banarasi silk lehenga choli with Luxurion World.

Top 10 Banarasi Lehenga Choli Ideas For Wedding

  1. Banarasi silk lehenga -  Choosing Banarasi silk lehenga by Luxurion World can be the best choice one can make. Banarasi silk lehenga is an outfit full of grace that makes your entire look more beautiful and glamorous. 
  2. Pure Banarasi lehenga - Originating from the streets of Banaras, it’s believed that pure Banarasi lehenga has an aura that cleanses your mind and personality, making your wedding a lifetime memory.
  3. Exquisite red Banarasi lehenga - We all are aware of the importance of red colour in Indian weddings, it’s associated with our feelings and emotions, that’s why we have curated the best and exclusive red Banarasi lehenga online collection for all of our brides who want to keep the entire look it vibrant and beautiful.
  4. Black Banarasi lehenga - Although the black colour is considered an inauspicious colour to be worn during auspicious occasions, the heavy artistic zari and embroidered work on this lehenga make it one of the best choices to be worn during pre and post-wedding functions or as a wedding guest. 
  5. Yellow Banarasi lehenga - Yellow Banarasi lehenga are most preferred during wedding functions, especially during haldi events. A bride can wear this yellow Banarasi lehenga at her haldi event and make the whole event memorable. 
  6. Blue Banarasi silk lehenga - The more vibrant colour of the lehenga you wear, the more it will transfer happiness into your life, into your photographs, and much more. Wearing a blue wedding lehenga during weddings will make you something different and unique. 
  7. Pink Banarasi silk lehenga - PInk is favorite colour mostly of all,females  and what else can be the best colour wedding lehenga other than pink? On the most memorable day of your life, make a pink Banarasi silk lehenga as your wedding lehenga. 
  8. Grey Banarasi lehenga - This time, just go for a colour that is not always in trend, yes the grey Banarasi wedding lehenga. With the gold embroidery done on it, the grey wedding lehenga will drive all the attention to you. 
  9. Green Banarasi lehenga - Green is a colour of royalty, walking down the aisle wearing a green wedding lehenga will reflect your inner royal queen.
  10. Purple Banarasi lehenga - Purple banarasi silk lehenga online is becoming a new trend for weddings. Paired with golden accessories and a golden dupatta, a purple wedding lehnga can be the best choice for you.

About Luxurion World

Luxurion World is a renowned name in the world of lehengas. Lehengas are often associated with feminine beauty and are commonly worn during weddings, so they deserve to be trending, unique, and special what else can be the best option for buying wedding lehngas than Luxurion World? Luxurion World is well aware of all your confusion and doubt and that’s why it has made a review section under every collection which will clear your doubts and will ensure you the quality of the products. So, what are you waiting for? it’s time to buy your favourite Banarasi bridal lehenga online from Luxurion World now!


1. What makes Banarasi lehenga cholis a popular choice for weddings?

Its elegance, royalty, and fabric quality are some of the features that make banarasi lehenga cholis one of the most popular choices for wedding lehengas. 

2. How do I select the perfect Banarasi lehenga choli design that suits my body type?

Well, at Luxurion World, you can customize the Banarasi lehenga choli as per your body type by selecting the design of the dress.

3. Can Banarasi lehenga cholis be customized according to personal preferences?

Yes, you can customize the Banarasi lehenga choli according to your personal preference. One can choose the embroidery design of the Banarasi lehenga and then we will customize it according to different styles and sizes. 

4. Are there specific colours that are traditionally preferred for Banarasi lehenga cholis for weddings?

Yes, in Indian society where tradition and culture are given utmost importance, red and some vibrant colours of wedding lehngas are the most preferred choices for Banarasi lehenga cholis.

5. What are some traditional motifs and patterns used in Banarasi lehenga choli designs?

At Luxurion World, you will find every kind of motif and pattern from trendy designs to traditional ones.


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