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The Pious days of Navratri - #Day 5

Five is a number of great significance. Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure science. With the importance of Panchami, we welcome Goddess Durga’s fifth incarnation to bless us all. The fifth day is dedicated to the Goddess Skandamata. Devotees are expected to wear orange coloured clothes on Panchami and offer fruits, especially banana as ‘bhog’ to the Goddess. The best food options include ‘kachhe kele ki barfi’, banana chips with rock salt, banana walnut lassi and ‘kele ki sabzi’.

Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement and health. It is the colour of the first rays of sun as it marks the beginning of a new day. It stimulates enjoyment and is an expression of fascination. It is a bright and warm colour, hence an orange attire always infuses bliss. At Luxurion World we would like you to drape in orange that showcases your penchant for all things extraordinary yet within means.

Orange handloom Bhagalpur plain matka silk temple border saree


It’s simple and elegant, without any flashy embellishment or motifs. Its bright and lovely and an excellent choice for day time outings or get-togethers. Pair it up with funky jewellery or traditional ones – it will look good for both.

Orange handloom Maheshwari silk block printed with tree design

Easy on pocket and beautiful in style; the block printed motifs are what makes this an endearing price. Lovely pallu and zari border adds to the charm of the saree.

Orange Parsi Gara net kurti fabric


An orange in all its grace and splendour, this gara kurti will mesmerise you any day. The soft shade and lovely embroidery will make you want to go for it again and again. Pair it with a pair of earrings only so as not to overshadow the beauty of the dress.

Orange handloom Bhagalpur cotton silk dupatta

For those of us who do not want a complete orange get up, this one is an ideal choice. Beautiful cotton silk dupatta in vibrant orange is all you need to brighten up salwar suit. Pair it up with beaded orange jewellery only from Luxurion World.

From the desk of Luxurion World, we wish you an auspicious Panchami. May Goddess Skandamata grant all her devotees knowledge and wisdom. Let the brightness of orange and blessings of the Goddess infuse you with renewed spirit and vigour.


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