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Sustainable Fashion – the next big thing

PrintFashion is no longer restricted to wearing branded clothes and flaunting your style sense. It has now shifted focus to ecological balance over the growing threat to environmental concern. Sustainable fashion is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products towards greater ecological integrity. Isn’t it, our responsibility towards the global concern of non-degradable waste; to think of water consumption towards growing raw materials of clothing or to think of pollution created by them? Sustainable fashion is eco-fashion actually, which considers fashion from the perspective of users and producers.

Sustainable fashion is that which replaces one fibre type for a less environmentally harmful option. Human-nature relationships should continue to shape the fashion industry agenda. Fashion houses in addition to promoting their clothing also stress to consider the effect that consumption has on the environment and to purchase only what people need. The goal of sustainable fashion is to create flourishing ecosystems through its activity. Let us talk shoppers about the entire life cycle of our clothing and why some are harder on the planet than others.


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Linen is a plant-based fabric made from flax which can be grown on rough terrain unsuitable for food production. Cultivation and processing can be done without chemicals. It is imperative for manufacturers to note that when conventional linen is processed into fibre through water reeling, a lot of water is being used. So they should be using a more eco-friendly method of processing, like dew-reeling and enzyme – reeling which causes less water pollution.


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Cotton is a natural plant-based fibre that is widely used globally for a variety of purposes. It is desirable breathable and biodegradable. Nevertheless, the production of cotton requires a tremendous amount of water, pesticides and arable land. The focus of the manufacturers should be towards growing organic cotton which can considerably improve the chemical effect.


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Wool is one of the most environmentally friendly options and can hold colourful dyes easily without the use of chemicals. It can replace many of the water-resistant synthetics without fear of microfiber shedding. Despite being an animal product, it is good because of its tough, wrinkle-resistant and resilient feature.


Polyester is a favourite among consumers because of its stretchiness, durability and comfort. But it is actually a plastic manufactured from crude oil. Even if it is recycled from plastic bottles, these fabrics have great environmental repercussions as every wash releases plastic microfibers into waterways thereby contaminating them.

Being aware of the growing concerns of the clothing industry, we at Luxurion World believe that “a key part of ethical fashion is buying clothing that we plan to get a lot of use out of clothing that won’t end up in the trash a few months down the road.” In short, we encourage you to buy from Luxurion World as you will certainly enjoy wearing them for a long time to last!

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