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Pateti Mubarak.

Our country boasts of a rich cultural heritage by housing people of different religious belief, practices, and sect. One such lively community are those of Parsis. The Parsis in India are descendants of those who when humiliated in their homeland in Persia due to their separate religious identity were given refuge in India. Keeping their distinct identity safe, the Parsis have flourished themselves and have proved to be one of the model Indian communities. They believe very strongly about preserving their rich culture out of wrong that it might wither in a few years. With Parsi New Year, Nauroz, today, we at Luxurion World wish all of them a very prosperous, healthy and wealthy year ahead. This day is known as the day of remittance of sins and repentance. The celebrations include feasting over an elaborate meal and rejoicing in new attires. With such an auspicious occasion today, we at Luxurion World can’t help but think of the fabulous Parsi Gara clothing – the pride of embroidery fraternity. As Indians, we take immense pride in respecting all cultures. Won’t it be a tribute to the Parsi community by acknowledging their traditional Gara work and including some in our wardrobe too? At Luxurion World, we encourage this feeling of fraternity by offering special discounts on Gara work for all buyers. Let us all be a part of celebrating Parsi New Year. Nauroz Mubarak, dear friends!

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