Luxury Market combined with Sustainability in India

Luxury market in India is constantly growing and reaching new bounds. The entry of foreign luxury brands along with a growth in indigenous luxury brands hasexponentially raised this market segment. The market place offered by India is an exciting challenge for a lot of luxury retailers thanks to the diversity, volume and purchasing power of the consumers along with the complacent rules and regulations by India in the FDI sector.


How a luxury brand grows in India is depended on how good they are at understanding the Indian market along with its complexities, its constantly evolving needs and how they match the rhythm of their brand with the dynamic consumer base. The consumers of India are multifaceted and are attracted to a brand based on how that certain brand fulfills their needs and at what price. The Indian consumer loves a good bargain. They are also willing to spend on goods they think are worth the price, which is decided by the prestige that brand adds to the consumer.

We at LuxurionWorld have combined this luxury with affordability and authenticity. Living up to our high standards has been our aim, which we strive to achieve with our whole heart.  We aim at creating a market that is fair to everyone who is a part of it, the maker, the consumer and everyone in between.

Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world after the oil industry. As a brand, our goal is to work in this industry in a way that leaves no negative footprints. As a buyer, it should be your goal to think about what you buy, to understand the philosophies that you’re supporting through your purchases and also asking yourself if the piece that you purchase is worth it. Slow fashion means using your clothing over a longer period rather than replacing it every time. This is the perfect way to go for this cause, as it eliminates the waste created during production, and because you’re buying pieces that you’ll retain over a period of time you tend to spend more to get the best quality, and consider it an investment when you’re buying it.
Fair fashion implies paying fair wages to the artists who create your clothing for you. Ensuring fair wages supports workers by helping them live a healthy life, afford proper skill training and education, therefore directly improves worker’s quality of life.
At LuxurionWorld, we ensure our workers get fair wages, use ethical ways of production and handpick our artisans after thorough inspection. All our pieces are hand-woven on traditional handlooms, and our artwork is sourced from authentic artisans. We try that when it reaches you, you hold a sense of closeness to your clothing as it carries the stories of the people that created it.
This is our contribution to #SustainableFashion. What’s yours?

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