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Importance of traditional marriage rituals in India.

India is a culturally rich country with the widespread popularity of how zealously we guard our strong heritage. We not only take pride in our roots but go to great length to pursue the beauty of traditionalism in whichever ways possible. This is so evident when you look around at the crowd anywhere in India, clad in vibrant ethnic wear, so diverse yet so similar. It becomes all the more palpable at weddings, which are lavish boisterous events right from centuries back to date. No matter how modernised we become in our thoughts and vision, our perception of marriage is the strict traditional ways of lengthy, joyous occasions filled with celebrations and ceremony. One of the most dominant characteristics of an Indian wedding is the involvement and importance of families from both sides. In our country, we are well bonded with love with family and friends. Marriage ceremonies are a demonstration of that affinity and closeness as both the groom and bride sides are an inherent part of each ‘rasmo-riwaaaz’. Right from the various events involved in marriage ceremonies like engagement, sangeet, Shaadi and reception to the clothing, jewellery and food menu, it is all in accordance with cultural norms and emotions. It is believed that the ceremonies of marriages in India are so well executed that they last for the act only a lifetime but beyond life to another world. The various rituals that are a part of the wedding reinforce the belief that marriages are made in heaven, to last forever. This s why divorce rates in India are far lower than the west, as the traditional customs teach us to accept one’s spouse in joys and sorrow, good times and bad ones, in health and even in difficult times. Marriages in India and its customs are so popular and widespread that one often gets to hear that couples in the West want to tie knots in India, in traditional ways. The enchantment of the beliefs and customs are beyond the boundaries of our country. This is because the ritual is not just a part of a wedding celebration, but a demonstration of emotions and values. This gets passed down generations, with each other in awe and pride of the conventions set u by their ancestors. The customs teach us to have spouse-above-self over which makes one understand that if you care for your spouse, it is reciprocated with the same warmth of love. Isn’t this what makes marriages an institution to look forward to, to stay in and to cherish each moment of it.


Each ritual in traditional marriages of India carries a significance behind it. it might be involved and knowing each other’s families, dance and music to make it a memorable event and ‘saat-pheras’ to remember a lesson of marriage for seven lives of togetherness. Sindoor, chuda, auspicious bridal war colours or jewellery, they all have a meaning behind it, so thoughtful and intelligent. It is the beliefs and customs that make Indian marriages even more beautiful and emotional.

This upcoming wedding season, Luxurion World wishes all the prospective brides and grooms a mutual love to last forever. May you all be blessed and happy!

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