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If sustainability is not taken seriously, what can be the consequences?

In the present volatile condition of our planet we all have realised the implications of messing with the normal natural system of ecology. A crash of natural system cannot be fixed easily. If we all do not sit up and realise the importance of saving our planet, it may be now or never very soon. It is an undeniable truth that in wake of growing our economy, we have been harming nature at an exponential rate. The unsustainable and wasteful use of natural resources may accelerate this harm and it is sure an irreversible damage to our very existence.

Sustainability is imperative– We at Luxurion World have always been advocators and compliers of sustainable fashion. It pains us to see brands and people take the nature and its ways for granted and trying to overpower the planet using its resources much faster than it can be regenerated. While its impact is increasingly evident in the natural world, the consequences on people and businesses are real too. Now as the world is struggling with the effects and havoc of Covid 19, isn’t it time for us all to take note of what and how much exploitation is justified and acceptable. “A planet to be pushed to the edge will eventually turn on us.”

The Earth at breaking point– As the planet finds itself at crossroads; the challenge for us to balance an equitable future should become our prime focus. We should all impose a self-social licence to operate in whichever field of work we are in to ensure not to worsen the already grave environmental degradation. The Earth is at breaking point and any unprecedented disruption in the normal life pattern is due to our habits. It is never too late and the right moment to begin is now.

The consequences- The pressure on natural systems have deepened to an optimum level. If we do not take a stand right now the consequences would be a lot grimmer than what one can anticipate. Illegal forest clearing practices have already increased the frequency of extreme weather events and rise of natural calamities. Factories should slow down to mitigate the thick poisonous smog and pollution level which is known to trigger a lot of health issues. The landfills due to non-biodegradable wastes are mounting to a new high causing toxic level to rise in ground water and soil that produces crops that we consume. The implications of resource scarcity are imminent and the momentum of damage is continuously increasing. There is certainly no time to waste.

The commitment that is required from our end is to adopt safe measures to control such situation. Practice sustainable fashion and buy only what is really required. Pair your sarees and kurtis with a variation to sport a new look. Buy handlooms and authentic textile from a brand that endorses sustainability seriously. Begin a transition and also be an inspiration to others. And as they say, each one teach one, the responsible approach to sustainability

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