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Here's how to drape a saree for you noobs!

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog. We all have our mom’s saree that we absolutely adore. If only you knew how to wear them, right? I remember being absolutely lost with the 6 yard fabric, not knowing what goes where, so I understand your struggles perfectly. Which is why this tutorial blog today.

Today’s blog is going to be all about the basics of wearing a saree. We’ll begin with a basic Nivi drape, which is the simplest of them all. Let’s get started!

Step 1

Put on your blouse, underskirt, and heels. If you want to give your drapes a modern touch, opt for fancy tops instead of blouses and skirts, jeans or leggings in place of an underskirt.

Step 2

Tuck the fabric around your waist once. This is the basic tuck, and is the first step for most of the saree draping techniques.

Step 3

Now, estimate the length of your pallu and put the pallu over your left shoulder from under your right arm. The best size of your pallu is mid-calf length.

Step 4

Now, with the remaining fabric, take the fabric on your left side and pin it on the right side. Don’t worry about the pin showing as it is not going to show from under your pleats.

Step 5

Take the fabric in the centre and pleat it. Remember studying Flemming’s Left Hand Rule back in school? If you thought it’s for science, you’re wrong. It was to teach you how to pleat your saree. So that’s what you do. You  hold one edge of the saree using your pinky finger, your ring finger and your thumb, and use your index finger as a measurement. Continue making pleats till your fabric is over.  Now, adjust the pleats and tuck them in the saree.


Step 6


Yes, now that you’ve got your saree on, strut in it and show your amazing style off!

Here’s a video tutorial to help you further.

The link for this saree is here.

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