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Happy International Women's Day! Get Flat 15% off!

Our world at Luxurion World is centered on women, whether it is clothing, accessories, thoughts or wishes. For us, every day is especially devoted to all the women across the globe who love to dress ethnic, who love Indian culture, who love to imbibe a piece of India in their demeanor. When we celebrate womanhood in such a colorful spectrum and as eternal strength to humanity, how can we not dedicate this day, the International Women’s Day to all you wonderful woman who is a constant source of motivation to all? It is time to confidently flow in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have always imagined.

This Women’s Day we at Luxurion World wish to pay an ode to all the female weavers who have so intelligently fought against all odds to preserve the languishing arts and craft of India. The creativity and the expert craftsmanship exhibited by these hardworking artisans not only enthrall the fashionistas with their enamoring collection but from the backbone of the ethnic fashion industry on a global forum. It is the vision and taste of these weavers that gets applauded at every ramp walk and every Fashion Show. They are ‘playback singers’ who make the music of fashion come alive with their bare hands and a heart full of love for their ‘karigari’.

At Luxurion World we are closely associated with weavers, most of who happen to be women, deftly creating masterpieces that we so proudly display on our forum. This Women’s Day, we pay tribute to them all and salute their fortitude in creating a world which beautifies others. The design scheme and hand-weave or hand embroidery takes more than a couple of months depending on the intricacy of work done. In such a selfless fashion, they put it up for sale to let other women enjoy the joy of wearing such exquisite marvel. It is time for us all to return that joy to them all by creating a happy and comfortable space for them. Let us embrace handloom and shun power loom as a mark of respect for these women. When we buy more from them, we automatically create more opportunity for them. This Women’s Day let us all look more beautiful in one of these creations which are handwoven and unique. Let us be happy and also be a source of happiness to our women fraternity who relentlessly work in pursuit of beautifying us all!

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Happy Women’s Day!!

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