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5 reasons why the Assamese Mekhla Chaddar is as beautiful as the state itself!

Mekhala Chador ( or Mekhala Chaddar, Mekhla Sadowr ) is a traditional Assamese drape comprising of a cylindrical bottom skirt along with a top drape. Sounds complex? Don’t worry, it is one of the easiest drapes to wear. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is extremely appealing to the eye. If that’s not enough for you to get your hands on it right now, read on and give us a chance to convince you!

1. Assamese culture in a drape. 

North East India is rich in cultural heritage and leave no stone unturned in showing it. This passion for their culture is seen on their drapes in the popular Bihu festival where women and girls take pride in their tradition. 

2. Mekhla Chaddar accentuates your grace without being too exposing.

Us Indians have to be the most confusing creatures ever. We love exuding sexuality and at the same time shame exhibitionism. Mekhla Chaddar easily overcomes this dilemma by being feminine and coy along with traditional at the same time.


3. They come in so many designs and yet leave you wanting more! 


Mekhala Chaddar come in a plethora of colors and styles with a wide range of fabrics like Muga silk, Eri silk and Pat silk. They are called different names depending on the silk they’re made of. Muga silk Chaddars are the most durable ones and go on from generations to generations. Eri silk is soft and warm, perfect for everyday wear whereas Pat silk comes in a variety of whites. There are so many designs and patterns that go on it from tiny floral motifs limited to the borders to paisley motifs spread all over the drape.

4. You could ditch the blouse with these!

With the dawn of new styles, women have started wearing a well fitted blouse that compliments their outfit. However earlier, a fabric called riha used to be worn on top instead of a blouse.  If you want to go traditional, here’s your chance to.

5. You promote Indian culture and trade.

Mekhla Chaddar is manufactured mainly in Guwahati and villages surrounding it. Buying from authentic places is a sure way of promoting trade in these regions. This not only assures you get the best quality but also makes sure you get the most authentic outfits.

We’re sure we’ve convinced you to get your own Mekhala Chaddar at LuxurionWorld.

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