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Red Handloom Banarasi Georgette Brush Dye Saree

Red Handloom Banarasi Georgette Brush Dye Saree

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Elevate your wardrobe with the charm of Pure Georgette Banarasi Handloom Brush Dye Sarees, a true embodiment of refined luxury and style. This exquisite saree seamlessly blend the intricate craftsmanship of Banaras with the delicate charm of pure georgette fabric. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, each saree showcases meticulous brush dye techniques, creating a captivating play of colors and patterns.

The interplay of traditional Banarasi motifs and contemporary brush dyeing lends a unique and sophisticated appeal this saree. Luxuriously lightweight and gracefully draping, the pure georgette fabric ensures comfort while exuding a regal aura. Whether it's a festive occasion, a wedding, or a formal gathering, these sarees are a perfect choice for those who appreciate the blend of heritage and modernity.

LuxurionWorld offers a curated selection of this timeless creations, allowing you to embrace the allure of Indian craftsmanship and artistic expression.

FABRIC: Georgette is a sheer fabric and is traditionally made from silk.This fabric looks thin and is lightweight in nature. It is strong and more durable. Since this fabric has draping property it is not easy to sew it. Using of needles on this fabric spoils the fabric material by leaving needles holes on the material. So avoid using pins on this fabric. Georgette fabric is mostly used in formal women wear to give a fabulous chic look. Georgette fabric is heavier than chiffon. It is easy to maintain but hard to stitch and sew. Due to its thin texture, the fabric is also used as a layer in a larger garment without adding to the weight of the overall costume or giving out a bulky look.

CARE: Hand wash, Usage of a very light detergent, Air drying is apt as over-exposure to sunlight often causes the fabric to lose its color.

NOTE: There may be a slight colour variation in the image from original product due to various reasons like configuration of computer monitor, colour scheme of computer, lighting of the photograph etc.


Colour Red
Fabric Georgette
Craftmenship Weaved
Available_Size Approx 6.25 Mtr