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The wholesomeness of the silks

Silk does for the body what diamond does for your hand.” True, isn’t it? We haven’t met a woman who is not in love with her silks. For all of us, silk is synonym with celebration, with comfort, with timeless grace; with heritage weaves, with a perfect gifting idea! It is the most frequently used fabric for bridal wear and groom wear too. It is opulent, classy, lavish and fancy. And friends, it is also our namesake- luxurious silks at LuxurionWorld!!

Well, talking of pure silk first; 100% pure silk is made from the floss spun by silkworms or similar insects. Different fabrics have different textures. There is silk satin, silk dupion, silk chiffon, etc; but they are all worn from the products of silk – spinning insects. Silkworms make silk by spewing a substance through small holes in their jaws. Once the worm start pupating in their cocoons, these are dissolved in boiling water in order for individual long fibres to be extracted. This process needs lots of precision. Since pure silk is a natural fibre obtained by cumbersome methods, it’s expensive.


Not everyone can afford one every time. But that does not stop a woman asking for more. It is here that artificial silk comes to our aid. Art silk is any synthetic fibre which resembles silk but typically costs less. In addition to affordability, women prefer it because it opens up a lot of styling and drape options. Diverse kinds of embroidery and embellishments can also be displayed on them making it all the more desirable.

At Luxurion World, we respect your love for the original, at the same time we want to provide you pocket friendly options too. We have an entire range of various silk options in sareesdupattas and fabric category. Available in all price range, it is up to one’s choice to go with what you like best. Whatever you choose, we assure you that if it is a LuxurionWorld product, it has to be sensational. After all you deserve nothing but the very best!

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