The Royal Touch of Chikankari

The land known for its various specialties and perfect amalgamation of tradition, art and culture, Lucknow; makes it a must-stop for any art lover. The sophistication of the Nawabs along with Nawabi cuisine, the origin of one of the most popular Indian classical dances - Kathak and a center for intricate art like chikankari makes Lucknow sets it apart from the rich. The delicate chikankari fabric has found its place in the closet of royals, celebrities, and fashionistas alike. 

Even though we find reference to the chikankari material as early as the 3rd century BC; it is believed that it was Noor Jehan who brought in the popularity of chikankari cloth material by using it extensively as a part of her wardrobe. The art of chikan started as white embroidery and was brought to India by Persian noblemen.  

Why Buy Chikankari 

When you want to make a fashion statement that goes well with your comfort lines and also makes a mark on the ethnic factor, it is best to go for chikankari fabric online. The gorgeous art of embroidery with delicate thread decorations, lets you sway in the Nawabi Lehza. It generally comes in white, pastel or light colors which makes it an ideal fabric for the summer. The lightweight chikankari material gives you solace in the summer. 

How to Identify Real Chikankari

You might be a connoisseur of traditional Indian weaves and love draping one, but it is not necessary that you may distinguish between the real and the fake.  The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind is to never go for the cheap ones. Check the chikankari fabric price per meter. It may range from Rs 500 to Rs 2000 depending on the use of sequins and mirror work. Also, go for the trusted and reputed brand, and this is where Luxurion World is a name to reckon with when you shop for Lucknowi chikankari fabric online.

The best way to determine whether the chikankari fabric is handcrafted or not, check its embroidery. If it's handcrafted, it will have shadow stitch, Crisscross embroidery and French knots. The machine-made ones have nothing as such to boast of. 

Types of Chikankari

Chikankari's work has adopted various kinds of embellishments in the period of type. However, there are two main varieties which stand out due to their popularity among the masses. The first one is the ‘mukaish’ work which is generally centered around geometric designs. The most popular motifs used in this kind of work are paisley patterns, fretwork and Presian vines.

The second most popular one is the ‘chikan’ work which boasts floral designs with the use of ‘stem’. Almost thirty-two kinds of stitches are used in chikankari fabric.  The notable ones are bakhiya, hool, zanzeera, banarasi, khatau, jali, bijli and taj mahal.

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Chikankari on Fabrics

The kind of craftsmanship in chikankari involves needlework embroidery. This is the reason why the fabric has to be soft as it is essential that it is very smooth for the movement of the needle. The fabrics generally used are soft cotton, semi-georgette, pure georgette, crepe, chiffon and silk that accentuates the embroidery. The pure georgette chikankari fabric along with crepe and silk chikankari material gives the rich classy feel. 

Chikanakri has a long process of designing on any fabric. Once the design is chosen, it is printed on the fabric and then the embroidery is done. Various embellishments like sequins, mirrors and mukaish are added. The fabric is then washed several times to remove any marks from printing the design. The fabric is then good to use for stitching.

Love for Chikankari

The chikankari in its initial days was done only on muslin cloth and used only white thread. Gradual popularity saw the inclusion of pastel shades on various fabrics as stated above. Fashion designers have let their creativity flow when they use chikankari in their various designer outfits. It is also embellished with sequin, beads and mirror work to add to its beauty. 

The Chikankari was the background theme of the movie Anjuman released in 1986 starring Shabana Azmi and Farooq Sheikh. Farooq Sheikh was so much in awe of this work after seeing it from such close quarters while working for the movie that he adorned the chikankari and artform of Lucknow till he passed away. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that he was the unofficial brand ambassador of the chikankari work throughout his life. 

Chikankari at Luxurion World

We at Luxurion World believe in authenticity with quality as our benchmark. As to searching for chikankari cloth material online, it becomes quite easy when you navigate through our website where you are spoilt for choices from fabric, chikankari suits, chikankari lehengas and chikankari sarees. When you feel the touch of the intricate handwork of chikankari embroidery; it is enough to reassure you of the finesse and craftsmanship.

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