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The Ghastly act of Terrorism

Friends, as I sat down today to think of what aspect of fashion, love, friendship and attires to share with you today, my mind gets distracted. I am unable to think of anything other than the brutal act of cowardice that shook our country. On the day when the world was celebrating love, the ghastly act of hatred took lives of forty brave soldiers of our country. It is the enormity of the bloodshed that is the national mourning season for each of us. So, inspite of the fact that we share only fashion ideas on this platform, we are here to condemn this act of violence as a true national.

Luxurion World is a forum that supports cottage industry, individual weavers and craftsmen from all over the country in a bid to uplift all the sections of the society. As proud Indians, we seek to support them so that the rich cultural heritage of our country sees a major comeback of sorts. When we support endeavours of such people, how can we not feel angry and sad at the situation in Phulwama which was of such great magnitude? We at Luxurion World are country lovers first and fashion lovers later.

Various kinds of hate messages for Pakistan are doing rounds on social media, news forums and in society at large. In such a terrible situation, the whole country has joined hands to express their anger and sadness. But nothing seems to be pricking the conscience of those powers who initiate this kind of terrorist activity in Kashmir. Our heart goes out to the families and loved ones of those soldiers who laid down their lives to protect Mother India.

At Luxurion World, we think that being a soldier is the noblest profession ever. Nothing can match the virtuous reputation of being an unselfish protector of our motherland. From the team of Luxurion World, we extend heartfelt condolence to the bereaved families and hope that such act of brutality STOPS. For the soldiers, we can only say that, “The brave die never, though they sleep in dust: Their courage serves a thousand living mens.”

!!!JAI HIND!!!

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