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Textiles that are a must have in your wardrobe

Our country has a vibrant textile heritage that is one of the richest and the oldest. Every region of India has a spectacular fabric artwork to boast of Luxurion World; from the Eastern Assam to Western Gujarat and the Northern Kashmir to the down South Tamil Nadu. In the wake of the huge distance, there is one thing that binds us all together in love and camaraderie, i.e., our love for sarees. The nine-yard beauty is something that crosses regions and communities to be loved and sought after by all. They are not mere pieces of artwork by our skilled craftsmen. They are an emotional connect that forms a bond of friendship.

Maybe you are not much of a regular saree lover, but you sure are a saree lover on occasion and special days. For all of you who see saree as an additional ornament to enhance beauty and allure, we have compiled at least five fabrics that are a must have in your wardrobe.

Kanjeevaram sarees

A fabric that has received cult status, Kanjeevram sarees infuses a unique fascination for all those who have worn it. It’s a texture that rejoices use of bright colours with a sheen that spells magnificence in every inch of it. A bridal outfit favourite, a Bollywood favourite, a favourite of all age groups; it’s a must have to own a couple of Kanjeevaram for a regal touch to your party look.

Paithnai saree

Traditional trousseau of a typical Mahrashtrian bride, Paithani sarees of Aurangabad, speak of finery that has sparkle and dazzle. Completely handcrafted with traditional tapestry technique, it is the garnish display and the brocade work that makes it a must have.

Chanderi sarees

Known for their light weight, pure texture, glossy transparent fabric and fine weave, chanderi sarees are both classy and glamorous. It is the ethnic traditions and the exquisite drape that enhances the beauty of the wearer. Those embellished further by gold and silver motifs make an ideal special occasion wear.


Banarsi sarees

An awesome display of grandeur and royalty, Banarasi sarees is an exclusive and captivating brocade rich sarees that are a favourite across generation and regions. Still considered as the first choice of bridal and wedding wear, these sarees are a proud display of the rich handloom tradition of India.

Luxurion World explores and experiments with all these fabrics and more to present a collective of sarees to transform them from a traditional attire of need to a fashion attire of appeal. Celebrate these weaves in your wardrobe from the assortment of collector’s items and the connoisseur’s choice of the finest, only at Luxurion World.

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