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Shikargah sarees and dupattas √Ę‚ā¨‚Äú a rarity of its own!

When it comes to weaving or art work of fabrics, Banaras is one name to reckon with. Rich and ancient in cultural diversity, the place houses craftsmen who have been adept in their work since generations. You won’t find a wedding trousseau in India without a Banarasi work saree; such is the glamour and brand name of it.

Banaras¬†boasts of various kind of art forms on fabrics; one of them being¬†Shikargah, or¬†saree¬†with ‚Äúhunting scenes‚ÄĚ. Gold and silk threads are woven in a¬†brocade¬†style with patterns of animals in hunting postures. The uniqueness of the pattern lies in the fact that the designs are not brocaded by a throw shuttle, which would lead to loose threads on the underside of the motif, but by what is known as a kadhua jangles. In this brocaded pattern only the outlines of the motif receives the pattern thread on the underside, so that the interstices are not covered with unnecessary loose threads. Moreover, the silk used in the weft is the untwisted variety, giving the¬†saree¬†a rarity of its own.

Luxurion World houses the best, the most intricately designed and glorious colour combination Shikargah sarees. With a melange of human figures, animal motifs and scrolling vines in golden and silver zari, they are all timeless pieces. We have included a variety of saree fabrics embellished with Banarasi Shikargah work while on one hand these is the easily manageable dupion silk saree, we have heavy and opulent katan silk sarees too.




For those of us who are not great banarasi fans, we have Shikargah work on dupattas as well. A drape over your anarkali or lehenga will transform your look to regalty in a jiffy; such is the charisma of this work.

Whether you go for Banarsai Shikargah sarees or dupattas, they are a must have in your wardrobe. Testament to not only the skill of weavers but an exemplification of your elite taste, these are capable of when you don one of them. Let compliments flow as easily as your smile!

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