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Make a clean sweep with your floor grazing pallus

Let us create a flashback of sorts for you when we ask you to recall the iconic moment from the film ‘Devdas’ where Aishwarya Rai is running down her palatial bungalow to have a glimpse of the dying Shahrukh Khan. What we remember is the yards and yards of her saree pallu grazing the floor and the stairs adding a dramatic passion to the sequence well, then and now, floor grazing pallus are an art of the drape with more modern versions of it. Recently actor Deepika Padukone wore a stunning ivory saree at her reception with a pallu so long that it kept sweeping the floor like the trail of a gown. She later gave two more appearances wearing sarees with floor sweeping pallus. More actors, the likes of Anushka Sharma, Kajol and Janhvi Kapoor have made similar appearance with the trend catching up fast with the fashionistas. The saree is now the hottest trend to flaunt with the variety of styles of drape and fashion element attached to it. With floor grazing pallus, sarees can be viewed in new light with the trend adding a touch of fairy tale romance to one’s look.



Designer Rina Dhaka says that long pallus create a very feminine dramatic impact. “It’s a trend inspired by the ramp. In the 90’s models started wearing sarees so tightly that their pallus swept the ramp. It used to add so much grace to their looks when they walked. Now we see the style on celebrities and real people, too. I think this is a hit trend this wedding season,” she says.

From the platform of Luxurion World we are happy when saree clad women, looking pretty and oh-so-Indian are termed as global fashion icons. With great pride in our ethnic roots, we advertise the wear to promote our cultural ethos. It brings huge sense of gratification to see the newer actors of Bollywood endorse sarees by flaunting them on special occasions. That is why we term saree as an evergreen charm of all women. Which other attire has survived the passage of time in centuries to be still coveted as one of the most favourite wear.

At Luxurion World we have an exciting collection of sarees in all kinds of taste and mind bends. This wedding season take your looks to newer heights by opting for a few and draping it style perfect. Match them well with accessories and love the way you sweep into people’s mind and heart with your floor grazing pallus

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