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In conversation with Ms. Hanspriya

Beauty with brains is the notion we all idolize. We believe to have an opportunity to interact with one such personality, Ms. Hanspriya. 
Hansapriya, the winner of Mrs. India Telangana 2020, is an IT professional & Yoga coach (by Passion). "Being a daughter of Odisha, my motherland stays close to my heart always although it's been 7years I am away from her. Being the voice of Telangana on one hand I was quite aware that my responsibilities will be towards Telangana yet my heart was willing to bring the cultural aspects of Odisha to the limelight once again. And being a firm believer of " Go Vocal for the Local ", I thought of representing the age-old handwork of the state - PATACHITRA" she says. Further digging deep on her familiarity with LuxurionWorld, she says that she was having very little time like dot 2 weeks to arrange and submit her concept. "While I was searching vividly for a nice saree representing all that, I luckily found Luxurion website. Was quite happy to see the saree, It was exactly like someone had painted my ideas there”, she exclaimed.
Throughout the conversation, Hanspriya reflected positivity and love for Local products. On asking if she faced any difficulties in placing order and service, here is what she has to say.
“When I was skeptical if that will be delivered to me in time, your Madam (apologies that I don't remember the name) has helped me a lot in this. I had talked to her and she was so cooperative and infact she packed and arranged delivery on the day itself".And rest is history now, she got the saree before time and she could put her thoughts into execution which was liked and appreciated by each of the Jury members of the Pageant organized by Mrs Mamta Trivedi. And she not only became the Winner but also had Won the title of Mrs. Diva 2020.
Being the most modest person in the room, Hanspriya says about weavers that,
“I am happy that I could proudly represent the age-old art and at the same time I could raise my voice for our Local weavers which I believe is very important to make India self-sufficient and help those weavers community”
On asking her, what is that one go-to statement you stand by as a representative.
"As I embrace the art of eternity, I feel proud to be Vocal for the right Local", she beautifully puts
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