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Handlooms - The Identity of India and its artisans.

The connoisseur of textiles will agree that handloom reign supreme. There is a distinctive royal appeal to them coupled with the diversity of patterns and texture. As we move into an age of eco-friendliness, it becomes all the more relevant to help handloom find a prominent place in our heart and wardrobe. Handloom fashions are one of the most enduring, comforting and body-friendly. These ancient traditions have eco-infused in every step which helps create awareness for a green globe too.
As we talk of handloom, have we ever considered the kind of effort by artisans to produce such masterpieces? Whether it is banarasi, kanjeevaram, chanderi, khadi or any other, they reflect the wonder of the dexterity of the artisans. Some handloom sarees take around a year to complete; such is the intricacy of the work adorning the textiles. It is like the baby of craftsmen, who so diligently have worked to create something so unique and perfect. But it is a matter of pity that they are not remunerated enough for the rare skill they possess. Luxurion World aims to correct this by promoting their artwork on this platform and sharing a handsome amount with them on each
purchase made by you.
To create and preserve the national heritage of our loom industry, it is our social responsibility to wear as much handloom as we can. It is this art of weaving with a sustainable factor that gives enormous scope to move towards a greener world. The spirit of experimentation with this weaving has elevated the style of handloom to that of a contemporary status which is fast gaining global appeal.
Handloom has survived as a living relic of a glorious legacy. To let the celebration of its beauty being passed on it, it is imperative that we promote them on all forums. The skill should not die, so the weavers should be paid well; thus the expensive tag on the handloom fabric.

Come, let’s join hands to witness a new age world of handwoven fabrics by promising to buy and gift more of them. For authentic handloom sarees and dress materials, visit Luxurion World. We are here with a vision to make Indian handloom relevant to the lifestyle and choices made by modern Indians. As fashion consumers, let us also be ambassadors of this rich craft and be proud of our country’s unique textile heritage.

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