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Handcrafted Textiles of India

Trust you are wearing the saree you picked up at the Luxurionworld.com and celebrating the festival with your family and friends.

On repeated suggestion from our esteemed customers & friends, we are delighted to start our very own blog where we will try to take you through the journey of making the product you are buying.

Luxurionworld targets developing grassroots’ creative industry based on traditional handmade textile products. There is huge untapped potential for generating sustainable livelihood in the handcrafted textile sector in India, which has a rich heritage of traditional craftsmanship, skilled work of professional weavers and dyers who usually produced articles of luxury made under court patronage or in the court tradition.

Do you really know your clothing? Have you ever thought about your favorite garment in your wardrobe? What fiber it is made from? We wish to share all that knowledge about the products we are selecting, arranging, and presenting. Catch your eye more, convince you of the quality.

The internet has certainly changed how we decide what to buy, especially when it comes to expensive products. We go online to research before we purchase in-store or through online, most of us use the internet to search for information prior to purchase. Our blog will help you receive all the research in a very simpler form with suitable visuals and videos readily available for you on a platter.

India has one of the finest textile traditions in the world with respect to dyeing, weaving and surface embellishment. The richness of its crafts is evident in the excavated findings of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro in the Indus Valley, which can be dated back to 5000 years. Indian textile history has been layered and enriched by nuances of migratory weavers, foreign invasions and religious influences. The wide range of design and weave, specific to the region of their origin, are masterpieces enhanced by the skills of the particular craftsmen and their tradition. The crafts thrived on the exploration and ingenuity of the craftspeople and their knowledge of locally available material.

The journey of Indian artisans from royal patronage to a life of forced workers under the British rule was not a deterrent for the evolution of fantastic weaves and designs. The freedom movement under Gandhi’s leadership gave importance to hand spinning and hand weaving of Khadi and hence provided political, economic and moral arguments around cloth known as ‘swadeshi’.

India’s expertise in vegetable dye dates back to ancient times, as the remnants of madder-dyed fabrics, printed in Gujarat were found in early Egyptian excavations in Fostat. The Indian dyer’s expertise was known worldwide, for their mastery of the craft and their skill was unparalleled in colouring textiles using natural material. Apart from some literary sources, the visual evidence of expertise in dyeing is witnessed in the 6th or 7th century dated fresco paintings of Ajanta Caves of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. The exquisite and intricate resist dyed ikats and tie – dyed fabrics in the attires of people, as painted in the frescoes are evident of proficient dyeing skills of craftsmen.

Each state of India displays a variety of designs, producing distinct textiles and crafts indigenous to the region. Thus traditional Indian textiles can be classified according to the region of production. Another classification of Indian textiles can be based on the technique of production.

We wish to compile the different traditional textiles of India, categorized on the basis of the production technique, namely Embroidered, Resist Dyed, Printed and Hand-woven textiles. This blog will introduce you to the rich textile traditions of India.

What are the properties of the fibers from which the products are created? Knowledge about wash-care and storage are the various topics we will be covering in the days to come.

We invite you to be interactive with our blog.  Share all your concerns especially about the background of the products you will be choosing. Though, we will be uploading all information for you in our blog as a series. Expect something new every day.

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