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Five Ethnic semi-casual to casual looks for work

Whether you take it seriously or not, the way you look plays a vital role in your success at the workplace. People notice your clothes, your accessories and the way you present yourself in a subconscious manner. You must have experienced this yourself if a colleague always managed to impress you with his/her sartorial taste. We all have that one friend whose wardrobe ideas we envy and wish to emulate. Effortless, chic, stylish and not overly dressy should be your lookout when you plan to buy clothing suitable for the workplace. With more and more companies giving the freedom to dress casually to their employees, it is important to understand the fine line which should not be crossed. Here we have some ideas you can take a cue from to dress appropriately for work.

1. Ajrakh prints 

The glory of Indian prints like Ajrakh have the remarkable potential to steer away from the mundane and beguile the world with its charm. Ajrakh print dresses, suits or even a casual dupatta has thrown over your everyday suit perfectly complements your overall appearance.

2. Batik prints 


One of the most popular trends to swarm the fashion market is the hand-printed forms like Batik and Ikat prints. The wonder of these prints rules the fashion climate with a no-expiry tag which again is remarkable if you are an advocator of sustainable fashion. Skirts, suits, dupattas or sarees, Batik prints never fail to leave a mark.

3. Handpainted clothing and Kalamkari artwork 


A remarkable manifestation of couture and culture, hand-painted clothing is the pinnacle of beauty and charm. Owing to its distinctive appearance and uniqueness of art-expression, hand-painted clothing has always been admired and coveted for. Among these, Kalamkari work has revamped itself to emerge as a frontrunner when it comes to dominating the vogue.

4. Linen–

One of the finest premium fabrics for all times and occasions, Linen is the power dressing to exude that opulent and authoritative persona. Whether you go for linen sarees or suits, they are all perfect for the workplace in a refined weave of choice.

5. Appliqué work 

A distinguished fashion style is the incorporation of Indian motifs in the form of Appliqué work. Timeless, impeccable and an impactful form of artwork, Appliqué work done in contrast or printed fabrics resonates beautifully with the desires of a modern woman. Even a little of it done on your sarees, kurtis or dupattas enhances the royale of the garment to another level.

6. Light Kantha work 

Embroidered clothing has withstood the changing times of fashion with a gait that few other artworks have managed to. Borrowing the classy Kantha work from the land of Bengal, the clothes flaunting it have a kind of unmatched simplicity with flamboyance to speak of. Talk of kantha work on your kurti yoke or your saree pallu and border and you are ready to wow the onlookers with your choice of wear.

Style these forms of clothing with appropriate accessories to let the allure come out beautifully. The evocating designs of ethnic wear at Luxurion World will leave you mesmerized and spoilt for choices.

And as they say, “Take care of your costume and your confidence will take care of itself. “

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