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Facts We Need To Know About Authentic Fabrics

The mainstream fashion industry gives us major goals to update our wardrobe and follow the trends. But have you realized that in the process it is also causing major problems for our environment and health. In the wake of the new global concern, corona virus, we are all super aware of how seriously we take the precautions needed to be avoiding getting infected. If you think a little more long term, you will consequently realize the exposure you put yourself to, when you wear a fabric that is just not right. So if you really wish to change, be conscience buyers and recyclers and also take your time to educate others on better clothing practices. As responsible citizens, we take upon the pledge to provide and advocate use of ethical usage of textiles.

Better Fabrics:

Using sustain-ably grown crops is the first step we should consider while opting for particular clothing choice. Crops that require less pesticide, irrigation and other resources are the best and most pertinent. Some of these include

  • Organic cotton
  • Silk
  • Organic Wool
  • Hemp
  • Angora
  • Flax and more

The usage of these fabrics significantly reduces excess pollution and lessens the farmer’s exposure to chemicals because of no pesticides and fertilizers.

Sustainable Solutions:

Inspire the change by embracing it yourself first. If you address the negative impact of fast fashion by buying only what is essential and by learning how to mix and match, you are not only fashionable but eco-fashionable as well. Take upon yourself to contribute to environmental measures and to support sustainable fashion. Choose quality items that last well enough than buy those that last just for a season or two.

Authentic Fabrics:


When you use authentically sourced fabrics, you automatically reduce the carbon footprint of fast fashion. Using handlooms increases the accessibility to heirloom heritage of our country and also contributes to the efforts of preserving the languishing art of our country. Showcase the creativity of these artisans by being the users of handloom and healthy fabrics.

Impact of unhealthy fabrics:

Synthetics, nylon and animal derived materials are the worst for your skin and environmental reasons alike. Leather products, camel skin, polyester are all putting the future of the planet at risk. If we do not realize the urgency of adopting only eco-friendly fabrics, we are inevitably putting a strain on the planet and elevating waste that cannot be recycled. Also they are very bad for our skin and are also known to cause grave health reasons.

At Luxurion World we present you not only the best but also the most eco-friendly handloom products that have positive impact on our environment. When you buy from us, you are rest assured of contributing your bit to Mother Nature. Let us all be more informed and more involved. Fashion-for-food explores using organic and natural material and puts social responsibility at the forefront. Make Luxurion World your shopping destination to be ethical users and advocators of fashion, forever and always.

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