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Everything you need to know about a Madhubani Saree.

Madhubani art is a form of folk art popular in the region of Mithila, which extends from Bihar upto Nepal. Mithila paintings are painted on the walls of this region using natural dyes and colors like indigo, myrabolan, turmeric and twigs or fingers instead of brushes.

This art is said to be originated  in Ramayana when King Janak called artists to portray Princess Sita’s wedding to Lord Rama in Madhubani paintings. The birthplace of Princess Sita has a cultural heritage that is widely shown in these paintings. Tales of Ramayana, portraying the life of Sita are one of the most popular designs seen on Madhubani sarees, too.

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These sarees and dupattas are identified by their geometric designs and patterns depicting the lives of royal families, marriages, child birth and more. Animals like fishes, parrots along with flower like lotuses; the Sun, The Moon, and other elements of Nature are also an inspiration for Madhubani art.

Methods like Kachni and Bharni are used to paint these walls. Kachni method is used to outline the paintings whereas Bharni is used to fill in the colors.

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