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Chanderi, an art form from the heart of India, here to steal your hearts.

Chanderi, is a town in Madhya Pradesh popular for the weaving of Chanderi sarees. They are characterized by a soft feel, and are most loved for their luxurious look. This suave look is achieved by weaving silk along with gold zari on a traditional cotton yarn.

Chanderi is weaved either into cotton or silk. Chanderi silk has a mixture of silk and cotton in varied proportions. Katan silk and pure silk is another variety of silk used to make a Chanderi saree. Chanderi sarees are one of the most popular sarees among saree wearers for their elegant and classy look .


Chanderi sarees are suitable for everyday office wear along with being a fabulous choice for wedding functions and poojas.  What differentiates a Chanderi saree from the rest is the sheer texture along with unique motifs.

These motifs, known as buttis, are woven onto the saree by hand using needles. These buttis are coated with gold, silver or copper to bring out the motifs and highlight them. To add to traditional motifs of peacocks, flowers, lotuses and other nature inspired motifs, modern day motifs are inspired from human emotions, complete with deities and divine bodies to the henna filled hands of a bride. What accentuates the gold on these sarees are pastel hues which form a major part of the color palette of these sarees.


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To properly care for your Chanderi, make sure to follow the following instructions.

  • Mildly wash your saree using the gentle cycle, or an even better option would be to dry clean your saree. This would keep the zari intact.
  • Do not dry your Chanderi under the sun, dry it in shade to maintain the quality.
  • Do not iron your Chanderi on the folds, and to iron the opposite side of the fabric or saree.
  • Store your sarees in a dry, clean and hygienic space free from humidity and dust.


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