SEO Page - Velvet Suit

The silky and plush finish of velvet fabric is well known for its effortlessly styled look. If you are seeking a high-end look to your clothing or home decor, velvet is the choice for you. When producing velvet, more yarn and steps are used due to the fact that it is not a flat woven fabric. Generally woven from silk, cotton, lines, wool and synthetic fabric, velvet can really be woven from any type of yarn. The sumptuous, rich and chic fashion has made it into both fashion runaways and our homes. It has rightly been termed as the fabric of the year. After Anushka Sharma wore a velvet saree for her engagement, the fashion fraternity is hopelessly in love with the fabric. The hottest, if not timeless, this fabric looks sensational because of its richness and royal appearance. So, whether you are looking to impart that trendy velvety touch to your clothing or home decor, scroll through to get options that will give you an elegant yet artful vibe.