SEO Page - Tussar Suit

Tussar silk is a fine suit that comes from the wild. It is made by the larvae of silk moths which live in the wild forest and do not breed on mulberry, which is the most common food source for most silk worms. Tussar silk production has been the forte of the tribals living in the Eastern part of the country with Jharkhand standing at the peak. Tussar distinguishes itself with its rich texture, unique charm and natural versatility as that can be used extensively into making of kurtas, skirts, stoles, blouses and dresses. With its elegance spreading wings, it has now made its way into the modern office chambers in the form of tussar waistcoats and skirts. The unique feature of the suit is the property to refract two different shades at different angles which makes every movement of the wearer highlighted in a meshy dance of colours. So if you wish to be fashion correct, go for the luxuriant array of tussar silk suit here to redefine yourself.