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The exquisite silken weave of the Patola textile is just not an art form but a heritage by all means. It is often called “Queen of Silks”. Worn by royals and aristocrats on auspicious occasions and prized as a holy cloth even in South East Asia, the Patola finds mention in the 14th century travel accounts of Ibn Batuta, who gifted Patolas to kings. Since a genuine Original Patola Fabric is very expensive, it is a matter of great pride to own one. The painstaking traditional process of spinning, tying-dyeing and weaving takes four or more people four to eight months to weave a piece. The resultant Patola silk has no reverse side as both the sides have equal intensities of color and design. Patola silk fabrics are also known for their bright striking color combination, which remains intact for centuries as all colors are sourced organically. Although floral motifs, animals, birds and human figures are basic designs, geometric patterns are in vogue. The scintillating Patola fabrics online at Luxurion World are authentic and so beautifully designed that it inspires awe for both the makers and the wearer. You were born to sparkle dear girl, and we at Luxurion World are happy to pave the way to it!

Patola Fabric

Considered to be holy silk, patola fabric is believed to have a direct connection with God due to its religious and miraculous powers. It was preferred to be worn in battle in olden times to protect from evil. The women folk buy it as a piece of heirloom which elevates them to the status of wealthy and powerful. 


Legacy of patola fabric

The name ‘patola’ is inspired from the Sanskrit word ‘pat’ or ‘pattakulla’ which is the plural form of Telugu word ‘patolu’. The earliest mention of patola fabric dates back to the 14th century when the traveller Ibn Batuta mentions in his diary that he gifted patola cloth to the kings and royalties. 

Even though it is generally believed that patola originated in Gujarat, mention of it can be found in scriptures of South India in 16th and 17th century. It was considered as precious as any ornament and was a must part of the wedding trousseau of the bride.

One of the interesting theories is that during the 12th century King Kumarpal of Solanki Dynasty invited over seven hundred families of patola weavers from South Maharashtra to settle down at Patan, a place in northern Gujarat. Patola from Patan is famous for its uniquely bright colours, design and durability.

It is said that as of today only three of the families at Patan can weave the traditional Patola. The secret to the weave which takes almost six months for a patola print fabric to make a saree is passed on to generations.


Designs and Pattern of Patola Fabric

With a variety of options available for the patola fabric online, one cannot help but notice a sense of similarity in the design of patola fabric. They are marked with bright colours and geometric designs have a few chosen folk motifs interwoven together. It is the creative mindset of the weaver that makes each patola saree unique in itself.

We generally come across some common motifs used in patola print fabric. They are geometric designs having designs of flowers, animals, birds and human figures. It is worthy to note that the ladies belonging to the Bohra Muslim community wear patola having only the geometric designs without any motifs.

There is a psychological significance of the patterns used in patola print fabric. The square in the print denotes security which every woman yearns for whereas the symbols of elephants, peacock, jug, parrot and Hanuman are all symbolic of good luck and long marital life for the women. This is a kind of assurance that the woman stays happy throughout her married life. 

There are few sarees with a pattern of a circle of lotus flowers, buds and leaves that denotes fertility and is an important part of the wedding trousseau,


Why to Choose Patola Fabric

The popularity of Patola textile not only in India but globally makes you wonder what makes it so special to buy them. The authentic patola silk fabric is a double ikat woven saree. This means that the fabric is similar from both sides and the weft and warp are dyed to make a motif.

Masterpiece - Patola can be said as a manifestation of the supreme weaving skill of the weavers learnt over the centuries. Artisans having imbibed this age-old skill of weaving and spinning can make this. It is also known as ‘King ofCloth.’

Symbol of class - Patola fabric is made from the resist dyeing process. It is quite a time-consuming process and it takes almost seven months for two to three people to weave a full patola saree. The labour, time, intricate weaving and the silk yarns involved makes patola fabric little expensive. During ancient times it was just worn by the royalties. Go ahead and buy patola fabric online and customise it into an elegant garment and feel royal!

Bright colours - Patola fabric is generally associated with flaming bright colours of red, blue, yellow and green. It is a delight for patola weare as it outshines each gathering making you the connoisseur of the eyes.


Buy Patola Fabric Online from Luxurion World

One can never go the love towards the patola fabric. The aristocracy, weave, bright colours and unique motifs associated with the patola material makes one surf for patola fabric online.  We at Luxurion World bring you the authentic patola from the lands of Patan, Gujarat. We take pride in mentioning that we have the best and varied options when it comes to buy patola fabric

Ranging from patola sarees, suits, jackets or just the fabric, Luxurion World never disappoints you as it has one for each style, occasion and choice. Patola is not just a fabric, but an emotion and we humbly deliver that emotion from Patan to you. Buy this exotic blend of weave and design and get compliments from one and all when you wear them.


FAQ About Patola Fabric

Which silk is used in Patola?

One of the finest variety of handloom silk, Patala silk is used in Patola

How many types of Patola fabric are there?

Basically, two types of Patola fabric are there; Rajkot Patola (single ikat weave) and Patan Patola (double ikat weave). 

What is the cost of Patola fabric?

It depends on the thread used. The cost of pure patola silk fabric can go upto Rs 7000 per metre.

How can we identify pure Patola fabric?

As patola is only made of silk, a patola saree should not weigh more than 450 gms and the colour should never fade.