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Paithani is a variety of saree, named after the town Paithan in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. It is considered one of the richest sarees in India. Paithani is a hand woven silk sari with a rich, ornamental zari (gold thread) pallu and border. Paithani saree is characterized by borders of an oblique square design, and pallu with a peacock design. The weaving of a Paithani saree could take between 18 to 24 months depending upon the complexity of the design. Traditionally, Paithani sarees are part of the trousseau of every Maharashtrian bride. Paithani saree is the result of a painstakingly complex process of weaving and dyeing. Setting up the loom is a meticulous job of careful handling where each thread is mounted to bring out the design, color, and details to convert these into a fabulous fabric. Luxurion World offers the widest variety of Paithani Sarees on the platform.

History of Paithani Saree

The history of the paithani silk saree dates back to 2000 years. A paithani saree has been the most treasured possession for a Marathi bride since time immemorial. The reason is simple. A pure paithani saree will be made using high-quality mulberry silk. Mulberry silk holds the title of the 'Queen of Silks'.

Original Paithani sarees are believed to have been the brainchild of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The pride and heritage of Paithani sarees were instilled into the Marathis by the Peshwas. We have made sure that our paithani saree online collection delivers the elegance and grace that paithani sarees are associated with.

Our range of paithani sarees pays homage to the spirit of Maharashtrian culture thanks to the colourful designs and complexity of motifs our Paithani artisan partners create especially for our e-store.

Types of Paithani Silk Sarees

We sell all kinds of paithani silk saree. Our best-selling paithani saree is pure paithani pattu sarees. We also ensured that our paithani saree range covers all traditional motifs that one can typically find in an original paithani saree like a peacock, lotus blossom, or parrot. We also made sure that our paithani saree online collection covers diverse colours by instructing our paithani artisans to use the most dazzling colour palettes.


Our clients can find all types of paithani silk sarees like:

Bangadi mor Paithani saree-. Here Bangadi indicates bangle and mor indicates peacock in Marathi. A bangadi more paithani saree would come with a peacock-shaped bangle motif.

Brocade Paithani saree – This type of paithani saree would come with borders that will have brocade work. The intricacy and complexity of the brocade work would dictate the price of the saree.

Munia Brocade Paithani – The word munia means a parrot in Marathi. A Munia brocade paithani saree would have parrots embroidered into its pallu and its border.

Latest Paithani Sarees Price List in India

The popularity of our paithani saree range has grown by many folds. We have been getting orders from all over India and from ex-pats settled all over the globe!

We have tried our best to keep the pure silk paithani saree price as reasonable as possible. Our clients need to understand that the pure silk paithani price is determined by the quality of the silk that has been used and the intricacy of the zari work. Real paithani saree price is also determined by whether the saree has been mass-produced at a manufacturing plant or hand-woven by Paithani artisans with generational experience.

With that stated, here is a list of our top ten paithani silk sarees and their original prices.

Paithani Sarees List

Price (Rs)

Blue Paithani Cotton Silk Saree


Blue Paithani Silk Flower Saree


Pink Paithani Handloom Pure Silk Single Muniya Border Peacock Design Saree

51, 700

Pink Bandhani Paithani Pure Silk Triple Muniya Border Saree

42, 900

Green Handloom Paithani Pure Silk Peacock And Flower Design Saree

29, 187

Blue Handloom Paithani Pure Silk Bird And Floral Design Saree

116, 955

Orange Handloom Paithani Pure Cotton Peacock And Flower Design Saree

14, 801

Green Handloom Paithani Pure Silk Bird And Floral Design Saree

148, 316

Pink Paithani Handloom Pure Silk Peacock And Parrot Design Saree

73, 200


How to Style Paithani Sarees for Different Occasions

Our range of handloom paithani saree has been selling like hotcakes. Apart from covering orders for weddings, we are also getting orders from fashion-forward women who want to try out something unique like our range of tissue paithani sarees.

 Thanks to the internet and its social media platforms, influencers from all corners of India have taken the right steps to educate women about the many (and right) ways to style a pure silk paithani saree.

 The most common paithani saree draping styles that have gained a lot of traction among fashion-forward women in India and the globe are –

  • Traditional Nauvari style
  • The Peshwai Nauvari style
  • The contemporary Marathi style and
  • The contemporary Marathi dhoti style.

We have ensured that our range of paithani pure sill sarees matches with designer blouses.

Fashion experiments can also be made where one can pair their favourite paithani saree with a metallic belt. Our range of paithani sarees also goes well with traditional pieces of jewellery like –

  • Naths
  • Lakshmi haars
  • Mundavlya


Why to Choose Paithani Sarees

An original Paithani saree is a staple for a Marathi bride. Over the years, thanks to the intricacy of the paithani saree design, Indian brides from all corners of the nation have started preferring paithani silk sarees alongside other traditional wedding sarees.

Apart from impressive designs, patterns and intricate zari work, the best paithani saree also allows a bride to feel the 2000-year-old finesse of this variant of Indian ethnic wear. To put things into perspective, paithani silk sarees were the staple attire for women during the Maratha, Nizam and Mughal eras of India.

Our paithani saree latest design pays homage to the origin days of this saree variant. We ensured that our entire paithani saree range is hand-woven by Paithani artisans who have been in the business of making paithani sarees for generations!

Similar to the original paithani sarees worn by the royal women of the past, our range of paithani sarees entails precision-looking handmade motifs that feel as if they are inlaid into the fabric of the saree!

Buy Unique Collection of Paithani Saree from Luxurion

 Since COMPANY FORMATION YEAR, we have been offering our pan India clientele high quality pure silk paithani saree. Our online paithani saree collection has amassed a national reputation for its intricate patterns and detailed motifs that have their roots in the Paithan region of Maharashtra. We have partnered up with artisans specializing in weaving paithani saree using traditional methods that have been passed down by generations.

We have a dedicated team of experts who supervise the manufacturing process of our paithani saree collection so that our clients get superior products and the most bang for the buck they are spending.

Our paithani saree online collection consists of sarees that are made using imported mulberry silk. Furthermore, if you are planning to buy a paithani saree online that boasts intricate zari work and traditional Paithani decorations then we have got you covered!

We have spent generously to ensure that our e-store has all the right set of bells and whistles that would help you enjoy a hassle-free Paithani saree online shopping experience.


FAQ About Paithani Saree

  1. How much does a Paithani saree cost?

The starting price of Paithani sarees is approximately INR 1800 and can surpass INR. 1, 48, 316

  1. What is the speciality of the Paithani saree?

A paithani saree is hand-woven thus making them labour-intensive artisan handloom products. Furthermore, a paithani saree is made using top-grade mulberry silk.

  1. Why is Paithani so expensive?

Paithani sarees are hand-woven by artisans who have been making paithani sarees for generations. Furthermore, the price of a paithani saree is higher compared to other silk sarees as the former is made using fine mulberry silk.

  1. What is the origin of the Paithani saree?

The origin of the Paithani saree is in the Paithan region of Maharashtra. Among all the silk saree variants available in India, a paithani saree is considered to be one of the richest in terms of design and intricate pattern as well as embroidery work.

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