SEO Page - Paithani Lehenga

Paithani lehengas are coveted for its luxurious feel. Manufactured in Paithan, Maharashtra, they have always been on top of every woman’s shopping list. These lehengas are hand woven and have a distinguishing border with oblique square designs. A plethora of designs are available but the most beloved one is the peacock design. Paithani lehengas are available in a variety of colours and designs – monochromatic, kaleidoscopic, polka dots and so on. A huge array of traditional colors makes Paithani lehengas simply irresistible! Lavender, magenta, motiya, pearl pink, gujri, yellowish green, etc makes these lehengas extremely beautiful. Because of its rich look, Paithani lehengas are worn mainly at wedding functions and other high-profile events.