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It is the urge for sartorial superiority that has inspired fabric manufacturers to experiment and come up with novel creation. Organza fabric is the answer to every woman's craving for extravagant fashion ideas. The thin, plain weave and sheer texture of this fabric are traditionally made from silk. It is the shimmery feel of the fabric that has voted it become the fascination of every fashion forum. Its crisp, see through the fabric is ideal for making sarees, dresses, and lehengas alike. Because of its lightness and stiff starchy look, it is both durable and comfortable. Here, we present you with an assortment of organza fabric that can be designed to curate dresses of your choice. Embroidered organza or digitally printed ones; each style has a distinct feature to create a chic, modern wear. Floral printed organza fabric is a delightful lot that can be used to be stitched into dresses or Kurtis. Affordable and beautiful, they fulfill these two coveted desires of every shopper. Go get scrolling, to buy all that pleases, and captivates you.


The sheer magic of organza

The delicacy and the shimmer of the organza fabric gives a gorgeous feel to its fall and successfully creates a stunning silhouette. Originally made from silk, organza is must go-for fabric owing to its sheer, plain weaves and lightweight. Contemporary times have seen organza being made from synthetic fairies too such as nylon or polyester. This reduces its price and makes it more affordable for fabric lovers to experiment with the fabric.


Legacy of organza fabric

Coined from the word ‘orgazine’; organza fabric indicates the process of manufacture of the silk threads by a unique method of twisting its fibres. We all know that the silk had originated in China and traded through the Silk Route; but the word ‘orgazine’ is inspired from a name of the town Urgang in Turkestan; which shows that the origin of organza material might have been here. Needless to say that Turkestan was considered as one of the nucleus of silk markets on the Silk Road. 

As the trading through Silk Route expanded, silk organza fabric made inroads to Europe and quickly made its place in the fashion statement of the elite. Even though China is the greatest manufacturer of the organza fabric in modern times, the ever-increasing popularity encouraged other countries like France and Italy to manufacture it. Designers often use the sheer of organza material in their exclusive designer gowns and bridal wear. One can easily shop for organza fabric online and proceed towards their own customisation of a stunning piece.


Varieties in organza fabric 

The remarkable potentiality of the organza fabric to boost volume and the profile of the garment inspires the textile makers to come up with a varied range. The range of colours in organza material is also a huge one. 

Crystal organza 

One of the most commonly used organza, crystal organza has a subtle sheen accompanied with it being soft and lightweight. These are made from silk or synthetic fibres. One can see its generous use in decor and bridal gowns.

Embroidered organza.

When the sheen and glamour of organza fabric is added with embroidery, its difficult to stay away from it. It is gently and intricately decorated with sequins, beads, rhinestones and various patterns of satin stitch to elevate its status.

Crushed organza

With a special kind of treatment, the crushed organza gets crinkled to give it a wrinkled appearance. This kind is widely used for decoration purposes. 

Satin organza

One side of the fabric is shiny satin weaved in organza maintaining its crisp drape quality.

Shot organza.

In the process of weaving various colours of silk thread are used as the wrap and weft. It gives a feel of the hues of sunset or the northern lights owing to the shaded effect.

Mirror organza

It gets its name from its ability to reflect light well being the shiniest form of organza. This is because it is made of polyester fibres.

With a continuous effort to make it stand out among the rest, experts work with unique organza digital print fabric. With some solid colours and design, it gives a stunning appeal in pure silk organza fabric. With such amazing varieties, it's time to shop for some organza fabric online. You could also check for the tissue organza for its amazing silhouette that would definitely make your dress grand.

Product - Organza Fabric Price per meter
Dyeable Embroidered Trendy Organza Sequins Work Fabric 620
Purple Digital Printed Organza Silk Floral Design Fabric 680
Dyeable Chikankari Embroidered Trendy Organza Sequins Work Fabric 700
Yellow Trendy Sequins Work Organza Fabric 725
Black Digital Printed Organza Silk Floral Design Fabric 770
Multicolor Trendy Organza Silk Sequins Work Fabric  850
Off White Trendy Embroidered Organza Sequins Work Fabric  1000
Green Hand Painted Organza Lotus Design Fabric 1025
White Trendy Sequins Work Organza Fabric  1150
Multicolor Trendy Organza Foil Print Fabric  1350
Multicolor Banarasi Organza Fabric  1400
Blue Hand Painted Organza Silk Fabric  1550
Pink Hand Painted Organza Silk Banarasi Boota Silver Design Fabric 1600


Designs and patterns of organza fabric

Undoubtedly organza fabric is much in vogue now. The fabric is woven in such a way that there are tiny holes in it which makes it breathable and lightweight. This also helps in varied styles of designs and patterns. The pure organza fabric is easy to be embroidered, digitally printed or just added with sequins or stones. The popular patterns in organza are floral, abstract or some beautiful art added with some sequins. The floral pattern is most popular as one can experiment in a varied range of colours and designs. Floral patterns are well augmented on organza tissue fabric and pure silk organza fabric

The popularity of organza fabric has reached to its height in modern times much due to the presence of social media. The elegance with its sober look makes it a popular choice and it becomes inevitable to shop for organza fabric online


Why choose organza fabric

The onset of rigorous promotion on social media and its use in almost all fashion shows has made organza fabric much in demand these days. Let us explore what is organza and its speciality. 

Subtle and simple - Pure organza fabric is quintessential for any type of occasion. Whether it is a wedding or just a casual gathering, organza fabric is most suited for all. One just needs to complement it with the right accessory.

Radiates elegance - The shimmery look especially that of pure silk organza fabric simply outweighs all other fabric when it comes to grace and elegance.

Affordable - Even though organza can be priced differently, yet it is one of the most reasonably priced fabric which makes it a much sought after among the middle class while shopping for organza fabric online.

Lightweight - India and its vast subcontinent boasts of many seasons. As organza is thin, light combined with a stunning drape, it is most suited to all kinds of weather. It comes as one of the ideal fabrics during the wet seasons as it dries off quite quickly.


Different uses of organza

The versatility of organza fabric doesn’t limit to its use only in garments but also in home decor and various costumes.

Decor - Known for its decorative appearance, organza fabric is used as sheer curtains and table runners for an aesthetic appeal. Popularly used as wedding arches, highlighting chair and aisle runners, its demand in event decorations is at an increase.

Formal Wear - To add volume to the silhouette, organza is used over opaque fabrics like silk and satin. Whether plain or embroidered organza fabric, designers use it over dress to create a sculptural look as its transparent. 

Bags - Small drawstring pouches made of organza fabric are quite popular these days which comes handy to store small accessories. These are the first choice to pack the return favours in an event. 

Costumes - No stage performance is complete without the use of organza. Dance outfits like tutus and skirts or the veils and decor all use organza fabric as it reflects light extremely well.

Wedding attire- At last, organza in its sheen and splendour shines bright in bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, sarees or the lehengas. The soft material gives the extra fluff while adding to the stiff drape and structure. It is the best choice for bridal veils and dupattas. 


Buy organza fabric online from Luxurion World

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FAQ About Organza Fabric

What is the cost of organza fabric?

It starts from Rs 100 per metre and goes up to Rs 700 per metre for pure silk organza fabric.

Why is organza fabric expensive?

The pure silk organza fabric is highly priced. It depends on the fabric and the weave.

Can we wear organza in summer?

As it has tiny holes, it is highly breathable, so it allows air to flow freely. One of the best options for summers.

Is organza eco-friendly?

No harmful substance involved in the manufacturing process; hence no toxin released. Pure organza fabric is made of sustainable and eco-friendly fibres such as silk. 

Which lining is best for organza fabric?

Cotton batiste, lightweight cotton broadcloth, muslin or silk is best for lining of organza fabric.