SEO Page - Katan Silk Suit

Katan Silk is a type of silk that is created by twisting together filaments of silk to create a sturdier and more durable fabric. Due to the nature of its creation, it also makes an interesting textured background for any work that is to be done on the fabric to make it unique. Katan silk is one of the most easily identified fabrics as it has a unique look that helps you stand out from other forms of silk. This fabric provides a touch of regality to the look and is extremely popular with suit lovers. Luxurion World boasts of a handloom collection of handloom banarasi pure Katan silk kadwa buta suit with either floral ornamentation designs, meenakari work, with Jhumka and bindi designs, square designs, or with Katan Karaikal butti designs. They are a manifestation of artwork at its best done on an exquisitely finished Katan silk fabric. Alluring color shades and stunning contrasts, work to enhance the beauty of the suit further. Wear one to feel the magic!