SEO Page - Kashmiri Suit

The distinct appeal of Kashmiri's work has a magical aura to it. It seems the beauty of paradise, place Kashmir has lent its unique charm to its handicraft as well. Exquisite aari work which is so intricately done by hand or embroidered needlework which is so stunning are all examples of sheer opulence. Done on pure crepe fabric georgette and pure linen ones, Kashmiri suit pieces have a grace that is hard to find elsewhere. Pastel Kashmiri Jama aari works suit pieces will remind you Mughal royalty and a classy taste. The embroidered work has variation as they are done with both in the self color of the fabric as well as in contrast color of the material. Pick one which defines you the best. You could go for a full-body embroidered pattern or just on neck and sleeves. Pair it with jewelry of your choice and you are ready to make heads turn at the next party.