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Talk thread embroidery suit and the first name that comes to your mind is Kantha embroidery suit. A popular style of embroidery practiced mostly in West Bengal, Kantha is one of the oldest, simplest; yet extraordinary art forms. Kantha basically meaning ‘throat’ is associated with Lord Shiva. The story goes around Lord Shiva consuming poison while stirring up the ocean, basically taking the significance of the work to Vedic times. Indian fashion designers have displayed beautiful ensembles of Kantha work in their shows thereby showcasing its marvel and appeal. If you are one who wishes to endorse the beauty of customized work and avoid duplicity of suits, shop at Luxurion World. The mix and match of beautiful color and fabric adorned with Kantha's work make it exclusive imposing a novel stature to it. One prominent type is the Pure Kantha Bangalore Silk Suits. Shop Kantha work suits online at Luxurion World and let your style resonate with your personality.