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A beautiful fabric provides an instant upgradation to the plain salwar suit look. When this fabric is a kantha embroidered one, it escalates the perfection several notches higher. Kantha is perhaps the oldest forms of Indian embroidery and it can be traced back to the first and second AD. The thought behind this needlework was to reuse old clothes and materials and turn them into something new. This is what makes kantha embroidery only one of its kind. The kantha work fabrics at Luxurion world are an opulent collection that is truly unmatched when it comes to its kind. Heavily embroidered, exhibiting use of multi colour threads gives it a stature of par excellence. Chiselled to perfection, they are all hand embroidered on tussar silk fabric making it all the more irresistible. If you wish to emphasize your fashion sense in an affluent style, go for these to bring the beauty of an art so majestic, it will bowl you over with its charisma.

Introduction of Kantha Fabric

Kantha Fabric is a hand-crafted and hand-embroidered fabric that has been in existence for centuries in India. It is made from simple cotton fabric and is traditionally used for making quilts, shawls, scarves and other clothing items. Kantha fabric is a lightweight, reversible and durable fabric that is known for its intricate and elegant embroidery designs.

History of Kantha Fabric

Kantha fabric has its roots in the eastern state of Bengal in India. It is believed to have been created by rural women as a way to recycle old saris and other fabric remnants. The women would layer several pieces of old fabric and then stitch them together with a simple running stitch to create a quilt-like material. This was then used to make clothing, blankets, and other items for daily use. Kantha fabric was traditionally used to make clothing items such as sarees, dhotis, and kurtas. However, the fabric has now become a popular choice for upholstery, bedding, and drapery.

What are the different varieties of Kantha Fabric?

Kantha fabric is available in a variety of colors and designs. The most common varieties are single-color kantha fabric which has the traditional running stitch design and multi-color kantha fabric which has an intricate geometric pattern. There are also a variety of kantha fabrics available with embroidered designs such as flowers, animals, and gods.

What is the quality of Kantha Fabric?

Kantha fabric is known for its lightweight and durable quality. It can be washed regularly without losing its color or shape. It is also highly resistant to fading and staining, making it a popular choice for upholstery and drapery.

What products are made from Kantha Fabric?

Kantha fabric is used to make a variety of items such as quilts, bedding, tablecloths, wall hangings, curtains, and clothing items. It is also used to make home decor items like cushion covers, pillow covers, and floor mats.

What are the current fashion trends of Kantha Fabric?

Kantha fabric has become increasingly popular in the fashion industry in recent years. It is used to make a variety of clothing items such as sarees, kurtas, and dupattas. It is also used to make trendy jackets, shrugs, and scarves.

Are Celebrities using Kantha Fabric?

Kantha fabric has become a popular choice for celebrities and designers. Many high-profile fashion designers have used kantha fabric to create stunning clothing items for their runway shows. Celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, and Deepika Padukone have been spotted wearing kantha fabric sarees and other clothing items.

Price Range of Kantha Fabrics

Kantha fabric is available in a variety of price ranges. The price of the fabric depends on the intricacy of the embroidery and the number of layers used in the fabric. Kantha fabric is generally more expensive than other fabrics due to its hand-embroidered nature. However, it is still an affordable choice compared to other high-end fabrics.