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The delicate art of chikankari is an art of embroidered elegance at its zenith. The oh-so-dainty craftsmanship of intricate white thread embroidery on various fabrics denotes a unique form of understated regality. Chikankari work has been associated with Lucknow for over two hundred years and was originally done only on muslin cloth. With the rejuvenation of love for this thread work, the fashion curators have experimented with a variety of fabric, and each exudes more marvel than the other. True chikankar has the unique property of being limited to a fixed repertoire of six basic stitches that are used separately or in combination with one another. A portrayal of timeless flavor, this fabric looks lovely when stitched into garments – long kurtas, short tops, dresses, or blouses. Here we present you a tale of beautiful chikankari fabrics that are a beauty to behold. Get your hands on them for exclusive wear to fall in love with yourself yet again.

Chikankari Fabrics

Chikankari, also known as ‘shadow work’; is intricate floral embroidery work done on white cotton cloth. The word chikankari is derived from the word ‘Chikin’ or ‘Chikeen’ which means ‘running the thread through cloth’. 


Legacy of Chikankari

The city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh is famous for this popular thread embroidery on chikankari cloth. There are several theories as to how and where chikankari originated. 

One can find the reference to the chikankari fabric as early as the third century BC. Megasthenes, the famous Greek traveller mentioned in his work that he came around the use of flowered muslin cloth by Indians, which may be the chikankari cloth. There is a belief that the art of Chikankari was passed to a farmer of a village near Lucknow by a Persian traveller in exchange for water.

It was only when Noor Jahan, the wife of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, tried to promote the chikankari material in the royalty; did it gain its importance and popularity.

Considered to be a symbol of status and power, the chikankari embroidery was usually done by royal hands in the Nawab of Hyderabad’s royal court. During the British era, women of the royalty would wear chikan embroidered sarees on purpose. This was to give a message that they were eligible for marriage and were looking for a suitable suitor.

With the passage of time, chikankari material was more recognised as a symbol of elegance rather than just class. With its ever-increasing popularity, you have an easy option to buy chikankari cloth online too. As you may not be sure which would be best suited to you, go ahead and read further to know more about chikankari material.


Varieties in chikankari

The incredibly detailed embroidery has been most popular on cotton chikankari fabric. One of the most beautiful forms of embroidery, it was mostly available in white chikankari material but with the advent of time we have seen the introduction of various pastel colours. Designers have also experimented in darker shades with some stunning results.

There are few varieties depending on the work on chikankari cloth material

Gota patti chikankari

It's all about stitches when it comes to chikankari. Gota patti is a kind of stitch giving a matt finish look with visible ribs. This kind of stitch can be done on silk, cotton or polyester. As you shop for chikankari material online you may see various kind of stitches such as chain stitch, backstitch, running stitch, stem stitch, split stitch (Kathi), buttonhole wheel and lazy daisy stitch. 

Mukaish work chikankari

One of the most popular chikankari embroideries is the ‘mukaish’ or geometric designs. These include fretwork, Persian vines, and paisley patterns. There are also floral or ‘chikan’ themes that include dhak (carnations), jasmine, and roses in pink, red, and white. Addition of peacocks, parrots and elephants make the design more appealing.

It's worth mentioning that the floral designs are generally embroidered by the womenfolk while the mukaish are done by the men. 

Sequins chikankari

The masters of chikankari came up with ways to decorate the chikankari cloth. The use of pearls, sequins, beads, and threads of gold or silver gives it an elaborate look.

Mirror work chikankari

With the range of stitches used such as flat, raised and knot; chikankari materials may have designs done either from back or front showing its complexity and uniqueness. The chikankari cloth is manufactured in Lucknow. This fabric speaks volumes with its eye-catching mirror designs and embellishments along with the chikankari embroidery. The overall appearance is shiny and beautiful which makes this variety most popular for formal occasions and weddings alike.

Different Chikankari Fabrics Price List p/mt
Grey Embroidered Chikankari Cotton Fabric (1 Mtr) 569
Pink Trendy Embroidered Chikankari Cotton Fabric ( 1 Mtr ) 600
Black Embroidered Chikankari Cotton Fabric (1 Mtr) 650
Black Embroidered Chikankari Georgette Sequins Work Fabric ( 1 Mtr ) 680
Dyeable Chikankari Embroidered Trendy Organza Sequins Work Fabric ( 1 Mtr ) 700
Yellow Embroidered Chikankari Georgette Fabric ( 1 Mtr ) 725
Red Embroidered Chikankari Georgette Sequins Work Fabric ( 1 Mtr ) 750
Peach Embroidered Chikankari Georgette Sequins Work Fabric ( 1 Mtr ) 850
Pastel Embroidered Chikankari Georgette Fabric (1 Mtr) 880
Dyeable Embroidered Chikankari Georgette Fabric (1 Mtr) 880
Grey Embroidered Chikankari Georgette Fabric (1 Mtr) 990
Dyeable Embroidered Chikankari Georgette Fabric (1 Mtr) 1025
Pink Digital Printed Chikankari Cotton Sequins Work Fabric ( 1 Mtr ) 1035
Dyeable Embroidered Chikankari Trendy Georgette Sequins Work Fabric ( 1 Mtr ) 1553
Dyeable Chikankari Embroidered Trendy Georgette Sequins Work Fabric ( 1 Mtr ) 1760


Why to buy chikankari 

Having survived every fashion era, chikankari fabric is in itself a fashion statement. With just the right choice of fabric, design, embroidery chikankari material is best suited for any type of occasion.

Versatility - With the emergence of Indo-western also in chikankari you can find loads of options and designs when you shop for chikankari material online. Office wear, formal occasions, wedding trousseau or just a casual get-together, chikankari material is all about comfort combined with elegance. 

A piece of art – When you buy a chikankari material you are taking an extra step forward to keep alive and promote an art hundreds of years old.

Support artisans - Luxurion World takes a humble bow to the artisans with which we work with right in the lanes of Lucknow. Shopping for chikankari fabric online you are supporting the household of the artisans in the by lanes of Lucknow and bring a smile on their face. Cheers!

Chikankari also gives the option of mix and match with kurti on sharara or top on jeans or palazzo. The freedom to experiment and wear chikankari fabric makes it one of the most sought after among the masses.


Buy chikankari at Luxurion World

Chicken fabric material is one of the most popular handworks that survived through centuries because of its elegant combination of traditionalism and modernisation maintaining the glam of gorgeousness. The popularity of chikankari material is not only in India but spread worldwide as it wonderfully brings forth ethnicity with modernism. 

Luxurion World always takes pride in working with authentic weavers. When you shop for chikankari fabric online with us at Luxurion World, you are supporting the artisans from Lucknow with whom we work directly as we believe in uplifting the masses while we bring authenticity to your doorstep. 

Chikankari is loved by men and women alike. It has become an integral part of wedding trousseau with garments designed for mehndi and wedding. You can shop for chikankari fabric online and design a matching outfit for the bride and the groom with friends and family included.  

Being lightweight and breathable fabric. Chikankari is widely used in casual and formal occasions alike. Be ready to be spoiled with options of kurti, sarees, men's kurta pyjama set or just the fabric when you shop for chikankari material online at Luxurion World. Happy shopping. 


FAQ About Chikankari Fabric

1. How to identify the original chikankari fabric?

Best is to check the backside of the fabric. If it has loose ended or knots it's handmade else by a machine.

2. Why is Chikankari expensive? 

Do not consider it as another piece of garment. It is difficult to put a price on art which justifies its cost.

3. Which state is famous for chikankari fabric?

Capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is famous for its authentic chikankari work. 

4. Is Chikankari fabric still fashionable?

Surviving all fashion eras, chikankari fabric has made inroads into high end fashion too making its presence felt in all important occasions.