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Bengal Saree 

Sarees are the epitome of traditional Indian attire. Defining a saree is easy. A saree is a long piece of cloth that would be unstitched and would be at least 6 yards long. Draping a saree is an art form. Every state in India has its own style of draping a saree. Sarees indicate that India is a land of cultural diversities and believes in communal harmony.

A Bengali saree is one of the most popular saree variants.

Read on to learn more about the history and origin of the Bengali saree and please be sure to check our collection of Bengali saree showcased above!

History and Origin of Bengal Saree 

The Bengali saree has a rich history. The most popular variant of the Bengali saree is the Bengal cotton sarees and it is the original Bengali traditional saree.

Other popular Bengali saree variants are Baluchari sarees and tant sarees. These two Bengali saree variants gained a lot of popularity during the Mughal reign in India.

The British, as usual, tried their best to destroy the Bengali saree handloom sector during their 200-year rule but the Bengali saree handloom artisans braved it all and even to this day, original Bengali handloom artisans are going strong thanks to the intricacies of the trade that have been passed down through their generations!

The other most popular Bengali saree, the Baluchari, has its origins in a small village in Bengal that had the same name as the saree! The art of making Baluchari sarees was brought to light in the 18th century by Murshid Quli Khan – the then nawab of Bengal.

Types of Bengali Sarees

Bengali saree types are several. And we have tried our best to cover the most popular types of Bengali saree in our online Bengali saree collection.

 With that stated, here are some of the top-selling Bengali saree types in our e-store. 

  • Dhakai Jamdani Saree – has its origin in Bangladesh. This is a traditional attire of Bangladesh and is known for its extremely soft texture. These sarees are made from fine muslin and are preferred for their light weight.
  • Baluchori Silk Sarees – have their origin in Murshidabad and Bishnupur of West Bengal, India. These sarees would entail traditional, humanoid and colonial motifs.
  • Bengali Cotton Saree - Bengal cotton sarees don’t need any introduction. This is the original Bengali saree that is preferred by both urban and rural Bengali women. Bengali cotton sarees are revered for their elegant designs and extremely soft texture. This variant of Bengali saree is made from fine cotton using the traditional hand-woven method.

Price List of Bengal Saree in India

We, unlike other e-stores, ensure that our Bengali saree price list allows us to offer traditional Bengali sarees to women from all walks of life. In simple words, our Bengali saree collection is reasonably priced. Please note that we share a significant portion of our profits with our Bengali saree handloom artisans. Hence, when you are checking our collection of Bengal handloom sarees with price please note that the MSRP also includes the remuneration of Bengal saree handloom artisans.

With that stated, here is a list of some of the best Bengali sarees with prices

Bengal Sarees List

Price (Rs)

Multicolor Bengal Plain Cotton Saree


Green Bengal Plain Tissue Cotton Saree


White Handloom Bengal Cotton Saree


Blue Handloom Bengal Tussar Cotton Silver Zari Stripe Design Saree


Red Handloom Bengal Tussar Cotton Silver Zari Stripe Design Saree


Red Handloom Plain Bengal Cotton Saree


Maroon Bengal Plain Cotton with sequins work Saree


Blue Handloom Bengal Tussar Cotton Silver Zari Stripe Design Saree


Black Handloom Bengal Tussar Cotton Silver Zari Stripe Design Saree



Various Designs and Patterns of Bengal Traditional Saree

Traditional Bengali cotton sarees are the epitome of elegance and cultural finesse. This should suffice for any woman to look for a Bengali saree online!

For the true Bengali woman, draping a Bengali saree with an authentic Bengali saree design is the best way to embrace their culture irrespective of their current location!

Our collection of Bengali sarees is handpicked by us so that your Bengali saree online shopping sessions always end with you filling up your wardrobe with the best and latest Bengali sarees money can buy.

Our Bengali saree online collection covers all the bases. It means that you would easily find –

  • Tant sarees
  • Baluchari sarees
  • Sambalpuri sarees
  • Dhaniakali sarees
  • Tussar silk sarees and all other renowned and little-known kinds of Bengali saree easily.

We partnered up with the best Bengali saree handloom artisans from every nook and cranny of Bengal that allows us to bring you extremely beautiful Bengali sarees that ooze impeccable quality!

Why Choose Bengal Handloom Saree

The Indian saree has time and again been hailed as the most alluring ethnic wear that can represent the multiple cultural sides of this great nation of ours. India has been quickly rising the ranks with the help of modernization but the nation and its people will never be able to leave behind the many cultures. This has been the one reason that still makes sarees the preferred attire for a woman who wants to steal the limelight at a social or professional event.

Among the many kinds of Indian sarees, the Bengali handloom saree is the most preferred one.

The reason is simple.

Bengali sarees are known for their exquisite fabric choices, impressive designs, and finesses. Since time immemorial Bengal handloom cotton sarees have been part of Bengali communities in both urban and rural societies.

Hence, it is no surprise that Bengal cotton sarees, with their intricate designs and beautiful colours, still allure women of all ages both in India and overseas! Our range of Bengal handloom sarees online comes with both gold and silver embroideries. Our Bengali saree collection is carefully designed to support the traditional draping style prevalent in Bengal which is known as Aatpoure.

Buy Bengal Saree Online with

The saree is one of the most common women’s ethnic wear in India. Every state of our great nation has its specific sets of sarees along with their respective draping styles.  Among the kinds of sarees one can find in India, the most popular and vibrant ones can be found in Bengal. 

An original Bengali handloom saree is known globally for its vibrant colour and beautiful embroidery. A Bengali saree can help a lady look her best for any occasion. 

We have spent considerably to ensure that your Bengali saree online shopping sessions conclude without any hindrances. Our e-store is periodically refreshed so that our Bengali saree collection remains relevant to the changing trends in Bengali fashion. Our e-store has all the latest features that include a search filter where you can change the order of our Bengali saree online collection as per their prices, popularity and date of inclusion in our e-store.

Whether you are looking for traditional Bengal cotton sarees or the latest dhakai jamdaaani, when you are in the mood to buy Bengali sarees online, we have got you covered!

FAQ about Bengal Saree

What is the average price of a Bengal saree?

The average price of a Bengal saree starts from INR. 1600 and can go up to INR. 2500. The quality of the material, the colour and the complexity of the motifs dictate the price of a Bengal saree.

How to choose the best Bengal saree?

One must make sure that they are purchasing a Bengal saree from a reputed online store. The next step is to ensure that they are refraining from buying the cheapest Bengal saree. Original Bengal saree would not entail a dirt-cheap price tag.

What are the pieces of jewellery that suit the best with a Bengal saree?

Traditional Bengal pieces of jewellery like shakha, pola, noa, shonar mukut, tikli, nolok, kaan bala, kaan pasha, jhumko, saath noli haar, chur and bala go well with a traditional Bengal saree.

How to take care of a Bengal saree?

To keep your favourite Bengal saree collection brand new for years, make sure that you are washing them using mild detergent. It is best to dry Bengal sarees in the shade and not in direct sunlight. It is a good idea to avoid dry cleaning Bengal sarees and use lukewarm water setting in washing machines.