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These Celebrities in Handloom Sarees Totally Stole The Limelight!

Handlooms and India are synonymous when it comes to ethnicity and heritage. Handlooms continue to be relevant in the fashion front even after its origin years ago simply because it is a way of life in our country. You can also say that it is India’s cult lifestyle brand poised to enter the global fashion forum with a newfound identity. So if you are in love with handlooms, you not only love to dress up in an elite fashion but you also show compassion for the weavers for whom you are a source of bread and butter when you buy a piece of their creation. If you think that handlooms are just for office wear and formal events, think again. With celebrities wearing them with pride in functions and important occasions styling them to perfection, so can you. Let us have a glimpse of a few of them looking so fabulous in handloom sarees. After all, seeing is believing.
Smriti Irani-  When the then Textile minister, Smriti Irani started a social media campaign #Ilovehandloom, there was a sudden upsurge in the number of participants to promote handloom. She is a staunch supporter of handwoven fabrics and you will love the way she styles it with so much simplicity and dignity. Isn’t she a perfect model for ‘Beauty in Handlooms’.

Vidya Balan- Actress Vidya Balan is total ‘Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment’ when it comes to her sartorial tastes. A surreal vision in her enamoring Handloom sarees she is sure a diva to the tee. Her various handloom cotton and silk sarees avatar is perfect cues for fashion aspirants like you. For her we give the tag, ‘Elegance in hand-woven sarees’. 


Kirron Kher- An actor with an amazing talent, Kirron Kher is very dignified and imposing when it comes to her dressing. She can flaunt and advertise Handloom sarees like none other. Her style of carrying it is so much regal and ravishing. So is her way of accessorizing it with chunky jewelry and a captivating smile. Isn’t she, our ‘Majestic in Handlooms’?

Kangana Ranaut- Treating her clothes in such varied perception is what makes Kangana Ranaut a style icon with a difference. She has the talent to give a boho look to a handloom saree with an ease that is so unique. Her blouse designs, her accessories, her hairdo all accentuates her handloom look beautifully. She sure is a ‘Delight in Handlooms’.



Priyanka Chopra- Going global but remaining attached to her roots makes Pee Cee the desi girl we all swoon over. It isn’t just her performance that is impressive. It’s her grace in indigenous costumes that is equally striking and remarkable. She is a perfect vision in handloom sarees and so very sensual in them too. The ‘Oh-so-hot-and-so-cool in handlooms’ will never fail to give you novel wardrobe goals every time she embraces one.

The variety of celeb-endorsed fashion statements keeps the glory of handwoven fabrics alive and in vogue. Wear more of it yourself because when you do, you carry a bit of India and its love wherever you go.

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