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The magic of monochrome beauty

Colours are just what we need to colour our life! We define ourselves by the colours we wear, we like. It is the feel of colours that brings out the beauty of an apparel. No colour can dominate over the other; they all have a beauty of their own. Nevertheless, for all of us there’s certainly a shade that is more dominant in our wardrobe than the rest, right? Come on, we all have a favourite colour! The most popular is the magic of black and white – the monochrome enchantment! Black and white creates a strange dreamscape that colours can never can.

If you are already someone who vouches for the strength the monochrome exudes, you are one with us. If you are confused, well, let us explain! At Luxurion World, we have a lot of black and white sarees that are pure wonder! You will be enamoured by the look they create! It’s unique and beautiful, just like you. For the monochrome magic to stand out, we have some that boast of hand painted kalamkari work on it. The motifs, the designs add to the beauty of it.

Next we have black and white checkered sarees flaunting either banarasi work or ikat pattern or digital prints. Experimented with a lot of innovative designs, these monochrome sarees are just what you need to create a look-to-stand-out. For those who still need a splash of colour, we also have monochrome sarees with a brightly coloured border or pallu.


So ladies, the next time you wish to shop for ‘something different’, explore our range of monochrome sarees. They have a pull that you can’t resist. Fall for the allure of these sarees as Leonardo da Vinci has famously said, “For those colours which you wish to be beautiful, always first prepare a pure white ground.”

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