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The Evolution of Sarees – Luxurion World

A saree clad woman is a depiction of the cultural essence of our country, something that denotes her passion to be in touch with the roots of our tradition. The traditional garment of choice for Indian women everywhere, saree is much more than just a national costume. It is embracing the love of our mothers, aunts, and grandmothers who pleasurably taught us the art of draping one. To me, every woman looks her best when she is wearing a saree, with a rich feel of being loved and carrying love in her heart, so quintessentially what an Indian woman is all about.

Have you ever wondered about how old this costume is and how it has evolved over the passage of time? This relic of India’s past, present, and future dates back to around 300 BC. The documentation of those days by the historians represent women wearing a draped rectangular cloth over their lower body and those of higher class also wearing one on the upper half. During the time of the Mughals, women preferred to wear pleated sarees which stands as the origin of how the style of draping today is. When the British became rulers of India, sarees saw a trend that may seem absent with short sarees paired with boots becoming a rage.


Post-independence, styling of sarees came to be inspired by Bollywood movies. Major experimentation with fabrics, patterns, weaves, and drapes were adopted by the newly fashion-conscious Indian women. Mumtaz style of draping saree which was worn without pleats became trendy in those days. Eventually, basic muted monotones of weaves and dark traditional colors were replaced by bold, flamboyant, and colorful digital printed saree. For the first time companies like Vimal and Garden Vareli developed their trademark printed sarees that came to be seen as fashionable branded wear.

Later in the times, more sheer drapes of chiffon sarees, georgette sarees, and net sarees came in vogue as they brought about a kind of sensual element with it. Blouses were designed in various styles to suit the contemporary palette. With the advent of the globalization of saree, women could be bothered of neatly draping and pleating of a saree, hence the creation of pre draped versions of saree came into being. Today sarees have become the canvas for fusion wear with fashion designers enthusiastic over the renewed interest of the modern woman in her traditional looks. Saree – gown, pant styles sarees, lehenga sarees are here to appease the fashion-conscious women and dress them likewise – wishes all you lovely women a happy romance with the sarees that truly define you. Explore the exciting collection of sarees like Banarasi Saree, kanjeevaram saree, gota patti saree, pure georgette sarees, Bandhani Saree, block print sarees, chanderi saree, kanjeevaram saree, and many more at Luxurion World to fall eternally in love with.

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