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Sustainability - A Need Of The Hour

We have all heard of the “Hare and the tortoise” story, haven’t we? Do you remember the moral of the story? Just to brush you up it was, ‘Slow and steady wins the race.’ This moral is quite pertinent in today’s garment industry as well. Sustainable or slow fashion encourages the use of biodegradable fabrics which has no adverse effect on the environment. It is safe and once you are done with wearing them, the textile goes back to the earth and decomposes fully. It is a win-win situation.

Most of the brands are not at all concerned with the implications of the apparel once they are sold. What if they find the clothes at landfills after the user is done with them? What if the environmental impact is a matter of grave concern. All they worry about is the sale of their products. Generally, under such mindset, the sellers treat the weavers as slaves and are quite unethical when it comes to paying their wages. Is that what you want or unmindfully endorse by buying from such sellers?

Sustainable fashion wants people to slow down because if they don’t, they will have to pay the price for fast fashion. Fast fashion has been depleting the environment at a very fast pace. Did you know that the apparel industry alone produces 10% of the global carbon emissions? In addition to this, more than 8000 chemicals are used to convert raw material into fabrics. The amount of water being used is mammoth and the waste clothes which are tossed all contribute to destroying the environment.

As responsible citizens the least you can do is to adhere to the brands that are eco-friendly. Make sure your purchases do not negatively impact everybody else’s life and that of mother nature. A great variety of clothing at low prices may sound tempting because you can use it for a season and then discard it away. By choosing to go with these fast fashion brands you are posing a threat to a lot of things. Is that what you want?

If you wish to reduce your carbon footprint and if you are an advocator of genuine pay scale to all weavers and artisans, take a moment of pause and review your choices. Slow down, buy less and buy authentic, even if it means paying marginally more. Support the idea of fashion brands that seriously take into consideration such matters which concern us all.

If you are under the impression that sustainable fashion cannot be stylish, view the display at Luxurion World and see how it changes your perception. The clothing we have here are classy timeless pieces, super trendy and wearable in all seasons. We respect the weavers and we want you to get the satisfaction of being associated with a company that works for a solid cause. So, hey all you wonderful people, go slow and steady to win the race. Cheers!!

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