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The Japanese have given us films, architecture, porcelain, literature, martial arts and so much more. Japanese culture is popular all over the world owing to the sensibility is bestows. One of the many gifts from Japanese culture is the Shibori technique.

Shibori is a manual resist dyeing technique that produces beautiful patterns on the fabric which is dyed. This technique is ancient, dating as back as the 8th century where mainly hemp and cotton was used as the fabric dyed using the Shibori technique. The patterns created on the selected fabrics depend on the technique that is chosen. More than one techniques can be used together to create more intricate patterns. Various techniques used for Shibori dyeing include Kanoko, Miura, Kumo, Nui, Arashi and Itajime. 

Kanoko Shibori involves binding the fabric of choice using threads and then dyed. The resulting pattern depends on the pattern in which the fabric is tied.

Miura Shibori, also known as looped binding, involves the use of a hooked needle to pluck the cloth. A thread is then looped around each section twice and then knotted to create tension which holds the fabric together.

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