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Mother’s Day

Who according to you is the most beautiful woman in the world? Take your time to answer. Yes, it’s your mom. We guess for everyone, there can be no beauty greater than that of your mother. Even if she is old and wrinkled, bent or grey haired, underweight or overweight, there is beauty in every cell of hers. She is epitome of love, pure selfless love that is hard to find anywhere else. She is one person who will smile just with a phone call of yours, will rejoice at the slightest achievement of yours, and will turn wild with ecstasy if you happen to visit her. Holds true for you too, right? This Mother’s Day let’s take just a moment to let her know how special she is to you. No one minds being told that again and again, trust us!

This Mother’s Day, Luxurion World wishes all the mothers a happy and wonderful day. The team salutes all mothers for doing what no one else could ever. Since no language can express the power and beauty, heroism and majesty of a mother’s love; it is difficult to gift her anything that can match upto her love. Money cannot bring everything but for that surprised happiness on her face, try gifting her something she will love. In case you are wondering what could that be, let us help you out. Women of all ages love sarees as their prized possession. Another in that kitty is going to be another feather in her cap (read wardrobe).

Let’s see for yourself.

Multicolor hand painted kalamkari chennur silk saree


If your mother loves vibrant hues, this one is made for you. Unique as her and charming as her love, this saree is a fascinating piece. Show your love for her and see her smile as she opens the packet.

Pink hand embroidered chikakari saree


If your mother loves muted shades in graceful look, this one is surely going to be her favourite. A special hand embroidered piece when gifted by someone special like you, will go a long way in expressing your gratitude for her.

Multicolor hand embroidered kantha Banglore silk saree



Whatever your mother’s age or taste, the beauty of this saree will enamour her by all means. Pretty perfect for her and pretty safe for you to gift her this, which she will like for sure.

Pink handloom checks linen silk saree


When a woman is an office goer or an active participant in social circle, she needs a saree which will look graceful, showcase her affinity for all things extraordinary. Buy this for your mother this Mother’s Day and show her you know her taste.

At Luxurion World we have a beautiful collection of sarees in every price range to suit both your liking and wallet. They might not be as beautiful as your mother, but they will surely look beautiful on her.

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