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Festivals in India are mainly a day to socialize and symbolize togetherness and joyfulness. Makar Sankranti is regarded as important for spiritual practices and is a day dedicated to the Lord Sun. It marks the Sun’s transit into Makara (Capricorn) marking the end of winter solstice and beginning of longer days. It is considered auspicious to take a holy dip in rivers especially Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri as absorption of past sins and seeking blessings for future success and prosperity.

Apart from this, it is also a festival of harvest as farmers celebrate their winter crops and feast on delicacies prepared out of them. Til is considered auspicious to eat on this day and so is poha, gur, and gajak. Makar Sankranti is observed with social festivities and colorful decorations, fairs in most parts of the country called Magha Mela, kite flying, bonfires, and feasts. Despite the uniqueness and difference between the cultures across the country, Makar Sankranti is a period of enjoying each other’s company. People sing folk songs accompanied by gift exchanging.

A festival is never complete without emphasis on clothing and accessories. The day of Makar Sankranti calls for ethnic dressing. Men in kurta pajamas and women in their sarees or salwar suits. It is considered auspicious to wear new on this day to mark the beginning of new times and welcoming it with enthusiasm. If you are celebrating around bonfires in your community, we at Luxurion World advise you not to go for fabric that catches fire easily. So it is best to avoid chiffon, georgette, and net sarees. Wear silk, cotton or jute sarees as they look good too and serve the purpose of light and comfortable wear. Remember to have warm accessories as well; a shawl or stole would be just fine if you are in northern India where it is still cold during the time of the year.

Ethnic wear at Luxurion World is a collection that is truly exclusive and outstanding. Because we source it directly from the weavers and share a considerable size of profit with them, you are engaging in a social cause as well by buying from this platform. Unique and beautiful patterns and weaves will lure you by your fashion standards and expectations as well. For stoles and shawls, there is a stunning collection exhibiting exquisite artwork on them and being an all in all trendsetter by itself.

From the team of Luxurion World here’s wishing you all a happy beginning of new times. May the Adi-Shakti enhance the spiritual connection and emotion to the Lord. May Uttarayan bring in positivity and peace in your life. Happy Makar Sankranti.

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