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Maheshwari Saree, the art from the heart of the country.

Maheshwari sarees derive their name from the city of their origin, Maheshwar, a district in Madhya Pradesh. Maheshwar has been culturally rich since the 5th century and has been a prime center of handloom weaving.

Rani Ahilyabai Holkar is renowned for popularizing the Maheshwari saree by appointing a group of weavers to create these sarees to be gifted to her close ones. She also weaved the first saree herself.


What makes a Maheshwari saree stand out in a crowd are the eye catching colors combinations and stripes, checks and floral patterns that make you look better than

the rest in a crowd. The temples of Madhya Pradesh with their grand style have been an inspiration for authentic Maheshwari sarees since their inception. The chatai pattern and the Chameli ka Phool  have been adopted on the pallu of these sarees from the walls of Maheshwar Fort.

The Chandrakala, Baingani Chandrakala, Chandratara, Beli and Parbi styles are various styles of a Maheshwari saree. The Chandratara, Beli and Parbi are characterized by stripes and checks whereas Chandrakala and Baingani Chandrakala are plain sarees best for everyday wear.


To make sure your saree stays in the best condition, make sure to wash it delicately. We recommend a dry clean for first wash for all our products. Dry it in shade and iron on low heat.

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